2019 Doha World Championships Betting Odds: Women’s 100m Race

  • Doha to host the 2019 Athletics World Championships
  • British sprinter Dian Asher-Smith is favored to claim gold at the 100m race
  • Tori Bowie chances of defending her 2017 100m title are small
2019 Doha World Championships Betting Odds
It seems like Dina Asher-Smith is the favorite this year

This year, Doha has the honor of hosting the top female sprinters in the world. In every championship, the race to claim gold for the 100m is always tight. Fortunately, Diana Asher-Smith has the bet 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds to be the world 100m champion sprinter. However, Marie-Josée Ta Lou also has favorable odds to win gold and upset championship favorite Diana Asher-Smith.

This year’s World Championship for Athletics will be held in Doha, Qatar from 27 September to 6 October. These are some of the female sprinter’s 100m 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds on Unibet Sportsbook:

 2019 Doha World Championships Betting Odds
Dina Asher-Smith 2/1
Marie-Josée Ta Lou 3/1
Tori Bowie 7/1
Asha Philip 100/1
Kelly-Ann Baptiste 250/1

Dina Asher-Smith has the most favorable 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds to win gold at the 100 m race

British athlete Dina Asher-Smith will most likely win this year’s 100m race in Doha according to Unibet Sportsbook. The World IAAF Women’s 100m number 2 has the best odds at 2/1 to win gold for Great Britain. Dina Asher-Smith also has a remarkable overall record at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, European Championships, World Indoor Championships and World Championships.

2019 Doha World Championships Betting Odds
Dina Asher-Smith

This will be the first time that Asher-Smith will complete the 100m discipline at World Championship. She has mostly been a 100m relay competitor at the World Championship winning bronze in 2013 and silver in the 2017 competition.

However, the sprinter will look to extend her 100m dominance from the European Championships at the World Championship. On a continental level, she has claimed gold for the 100m, 200m and 100m relay in 2018. Fortunately, with favorable 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds, she will be able to match her European success by claiming gold.

2017 100m runner-up Marie-Josée Ta Lou returns to the World Championships with her eyes set on gold

Marie-Josée Ta Lou is one of the leading African female sprinters and has also become a fierce competitor on the world stage. She closely follows behind Dina Ashe-Smith with favorable odds at 3/1 on Unibet Sportsbook. The Ivorian tops the IAAF Women’s 100m rankings also making her a safe athlete to bet on.

The 2017 silver medalist’s title hopes will be challenged by world number 2 Dina Asher-Smith. Fortunately, this means fans can expect a nail biting race to finish between the two 100m greats. However, Marie-Josée Ta Lou will hope the 2019 100m race won’t be a case of deja vu. Last year, the Ivorian sadly narrowly lost the title to Tori Bowie by 0.01 seconds.

Torie Bowie stands a small chance to defend her 2017 100m World Championship title

The American athlete has worrying 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds to win gold at this year’s 100 m race. Her odds of doing so on Unibet Sportsbook, one of the online sportsbooks in the UK are 7/1. Although she won the 2017 Women’s 100m race in London, defending her title won’t be a walk in the park.

2019 Doha World Championships Betting Odds
Marie-Josée Ta Lou

This year, Bowie will be up against top contenders, the likes of Marie-Josée Ta Lou and Dina-Asher Smith. Bowie will need to be well prepared for the 100m race in Doha as the top hopefuls will likely not slip up during the race. However, if she doesn’t manage to defend her 2017 title, it’s expected that she’ll still be a medalist.

Asher Philip hopes needs to match her 100m relay success if she’s to be among the 2019 100m Doha medalists

English Sprinter Asher Philip (100/1) will enter the 100m Women’s race in Doha with one of the lowest chances of winning. As a result, Philip will most likely miss out on winning her first gold medal at the World Championships. Additionally, her performance at the 100m discipline in the World Championships also make her a risky athlete to bet on.

Philip failed to advance beyond the semi-finals in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Unfortunately for the world number 29, it’s likely that she’ll continue on this path failing to advance to the finals. It’s unfortunate for the English sprinter who is a strong competitor in the 100m relays. She’s won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, European Championships and silver at the 2017 World Championships to name a few.

However, Asher Philip can still defy her2019 Doha World Championships betting odds and be among the 100m medalist this year. Asher Philip could achieve a bronze win if she can match her 100m relay success in Doha’s 100m discipline.

Kelly-Ann Baptiste looks to restore 100m World Championships record following 2013 Doping Ban

Sprinter Kelly-Ann Baptiste has the worst odds of winning the 2019 Doha Women’s 100m race at 250/1. The Tabagonian athlete’s best 100m result at the World Champions was 3rd place in 2011. However, she failed to live up to her full potential in the 100m disciple following a doping ban in 2013.

Kelly-Ann Bapstiste was excluded from the 2013 World Championships. Additionally, she failed to finish the 100m races inside the top 5 of the disciplines at the 2015 and 2017 World Championships. It’s however expected that the sprinter will improve at the 100m race in Doha with a top 5 finish. Unfortunately, Baptiste’s unfavorable 2019 Doha World Championships betting odds and the poor record still make a 100m win unlikely.

If you want to bet on Kelly-Ann Baptiste or the other hopefuls, be sure to read about Unibet Sportsbook.

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