Europe or The USA: Who Leads 2019 Mosconi Cup Winner Predictions?

  • 2019 Mosconi Cup reveals its major favorite
  • Mosconi Cup XXVI will take place in Nevada this November
2019 Mosconi Cup Winner Predictions
The United States won the competition last year
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This fall, pool teams from the USA and Europe will decide who’s dominating in billiards right now. 2019 Mosconi Cup winner predictions show that one of the teams has more chances to outplay its rival in Las Vegas.

Mosconi Cup XXVI will take place between November 25 and 28 in the entertainment capital of the US. The choice of the host place was non-accidental as the team from the United States won the competition last year. In November, the US pool players will defend their champion’s title on their land. See how bookmakers evaluate their chances at online sportsbook news sites in the UK.

The US pool team has a high chance to defend their champion’s title

The pool team from the United States will be defending their champion’s title at Mosconi Cup XXVI. By its earliest predictions, players can successfully win for the second time in a row as they did in 2018. Last year, the team outplayed their European rivals with an 11-9 score. It was a great comeback after almost ten years of losses. No wonder that now the odds on the US team’s victory look better – 3/2 at Betsson Sportsbook.

In general, the US team won Mosconi Cup twelve times. They share the number of first-place titles with Europe as well as the tie in 2006. However, the recent triumph of the United States allowed pool fans to hope that Johnny Archer and co will bring the tournament to the country next year as well.

Most 2019 Mosconi Cup winner predictions point at European team to win

Despite the victory of the US in 2018, the European pool team is still considered as the strongest one. The team leads the best odds according to 2019 Mosconi Cup winner predictions. Analysts from online sportsbooks in the UK reveal that Europe can win with the possibility of 1/2, which is a great coefficient.

There are several reasons that allow experts to consider European pool team as the favorite of Mosconi Cup XXVI. Firstly, its players won the competition for eight impressive years in a row. The average score for Europeans was 11-6, which left their rivals from the US any chance for victory. Moreover, the presence of Niels Feijen and Ralf Souquet in this year’s team list will only strengthen Europeans in their desire to take back the crown.

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