2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions

  • The Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced on October 2019
  • Angela Merkel has high odds due to her humanitarian actions
  • José Andrés’s nomination has been confirmed
  • Juan Guaido is securing a better future for Venezuela
2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions
Angela Merkel is the bookie favourite as of today!

The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded this year to deserving individuals or organizations in October 2019. Angela Merkel is the safest bet as she is well-known for her humanitarian actions. José Andrés is the only nominee whose nomination has been confirmed. And in Venezuela, Juan Guaido is becoming a prominent reformist figure, increasing his chances of winning the prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards. The winners are individuals or organizations who have vastly contributed to humanity and are chosen by the Norwegian Academy. In this article, we will take a look at the possible nominees who are popular with bettors.

Angela Merkel – the safest bet for the 2019 Noble Peace Prize

2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions Angela Merkel
Merkel doesn’t believe in anyone else’s chances.

Angela Merkel (7.50) is a safe bet as there have already been speculations of her winning a Nobel Peace Prize since 2015. She opened the German borders to around 1 million refugees in 2015. A decision that grew her popularity within the international community but decreased her approval ratings in her fatherland.

Now according to German business federation chief, almost 400,000 of those refugees have a job or apprenticeship and the majority can speak German fluently. This verifies the Chancellor’s integration program and hence increases her chances of winning the prize this year.

Moreover, she was against the US pulling out of the Iran deal and announced that there should be more efforts to resolve the conflict. This further strengthened her stance as a promoter of peace worldwide. Angela Merkel’s continuous humanitarian approach can finally land her the Nobel Peace Prize, right as she prepares for her departure from politics.

Juan Guaido- brazen and brave for a reformed Venezuela

Juan Guaido stood on a podium in Caracas, Venezuela and declared himself as an interim president while challenging Maduro’s catastrophic regime. You had probably never heard of him before and neither had the rest of the world. But, his bold move was soon backed by the US and Canada. As of now, the 35-year old politician has been recognized as an acting president by more than 50 countries.

2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions Juan Guaido
Venezuela’s new hero could harvest yet another honour.

According to 1xBET Sportsbook, Juan Guiado’s odds of winning the Nobel Peace Prize are 17.0. Guiado has recently returned to Venezuela despite arrest threats and is calling the people to the streets. The young politician who served as the head of the National assembly is the newest hope for a reform in Venezuela. That being said, it will come as no surprise to the world if his optimism and audacity win him the 2019 prize.

José Andrés – a surefire candidate for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

José Andrés with odds of 26.00 has certainly been nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.   According to the regulation of the Noble Institute, the name of the nominees shall not be disclosed until 50 years have passed. However, Republican John Delaney confirmed that he has nominated Andrés for the 2019 prize. This creates more confidence in bettors as they can be sure that the candidate has been nominated.

2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Predictions José Andrés
He would become the first chef ever to win the prize!

After the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the 49-year old chef took matters into his own hands. Together with his nonprofit organization – World Central Kitchen, they fed more than 3 million meals to hungry Puerto Ricans. If awarded, he will be the first-ever chef to have won the prize.

The chef ’s humanitarian efforts began in 2010 after an earthquake hit Haiti. His non-profit still serves hot meals in disaster zones. The most recent occasion was cooking Thanksgiving meals for those affected by the California fires.


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