2019 Triple J Hottest Betting Odds: Which is Australia’s Favourite Song?

Ocean Alley’s Confidence is the favorite to become the most popular song in Australia this year, it’s odds are 1.61. However, Childish Gambino’s hit “This is America” is also extremely popular, while former runner up Amy Shark has returned to get her first spot. The list includes 100 contenders, but we've collected the very best 2019 Triple J Hottest Betting Odds for you.

Triple J Hottest 100 Betting Odds
This year's winner will be announced on 27 January

The Triple J Hottest 100 is a music listener poll hosted by the Triple J radio station in Australia. Last year more than 2 million people voted about their favorite songs. It’s often referred to as the world’s greatest music democracy. This year’s winner will be announced on 27 January, on Australia Day.

Triple J Hottest Betting Odds
1. Ocean Alley – Confidence 1.61
2. Childish Gambino – This is America 3.40
3. Fisher – Losing It 6.00
4. Amy Shark – I Said Hi 7.00
5. Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs 10.00
6. DZ Deathrays – Like People 15.00
7. Wafia – I’m Good 15.00
8. Dean Lewis – Be Alright 21.00
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This is America conquers Australia as well

Childish Gambino is the name that American actor Donald Glover uses for his musical performances. Glover started his rap career 10 years ago, but we had to wait until 2018 for his biggest hit. The video for This is America has half a billion views on YouTube, the song itself is nominated for four Grammy Awards.

It could be so popular because it’s not only catchy, but it addresses the issue of racism and gun violence in the USA. The single has everything to become the Triple J Hottest Song in 2019, it’s odds are 3.40 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Amy Shark’s back to get the first place once again

Amy Shark’s first album, Love Monster debuted at the first place of the ARIA chart two years ago. The Queensland singer is best known for her song “Adore” from 2016. That single took the second place on the Triple J Hottest 100 list that year.

Now, she’s back to get the first spot with her new indie pop hit “I Said Hi“. Amy Shark claims that this song is “an anthem for anyone who is waking up everyday fighting for what they believe in and challenging the universe!” So basically, anyone can relate to it, which is key. Her odds are currently 7.00 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Ruby Fields and Fisher are also realistic candidates

“Losing It” by Fisher (6.00) is another strong candidate to become the song of the year in Australia. The tech house song has 8 million views on YouTube, and it’s getting real popular at the moment. However, it’s questionable whether a song without lyrics could reach the top of this list.

As we go through the 2019 Triple J Hottest Betting Odds it’s also important to mention “Dinosaurs” by Ruby Fields (10.00). Her page only has 12 000 likes on Facebook, but her beautiful indie anthem has won many hearts in Australia. Who knows, maybe this year she’ll manage to reach her biggest musical success so far.

Ocean Alley’s Confidence is the bookies’ favorite

Online gambling sites in Australia believe that Ocean Alley’s “Confidence” is the favorite to become the 2019 Triple J Hottest song. It’s odds are currently 1.61 on Bet365 Sportsbook, which is a bit of a surprise. The video has only 2 million views on YouTube and Ocean Alley’s not a band with many number one songs. So far, their best Triple J placement was 47th – in 2017 – with “The Comedown”. Still, the bookies have enough confidence to say that their new single is going to get them to the top.

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