UK Betting Specials: KFC Leaves, Brits Turn into Irish and House Prices Fall in 2019

  • 1. Brits leave the EU
  • 2. KFC leaves the Brits
  • 3. Brits become Irish
  • 4. Brit house prices fall in 2019
2019 UK betting specials London Armageddon
The domino effect hurts the United Kingdom badly this year.

GamingZion discovered a weird set of consequences that are about to happen in 2019. British people will opt for Irish citizenship upon KFC’s exit. All this will result in house prices to fall. Let me explain why you should believe these UK betting specials!

22BET Sportsbook knows. They found out everything. And we can all learn the truth if we understand UK betting specials and how they are all connected. 2019 is the year when everything collapses in the United Kingdom and we can all see that by now. GamingZion’s weirdest UK betting specials are here to reveal the truth.

Event Number Event Odds
2019 UK betting specials
#1 KFC to close UK outlets due to a chicken shortage in 2019 2/1
#2 200,000 or more UK citizens to apply for Irish passports in 2019 1/1
#3 Great Britain House Prices to Fall in 2019 11/10

UK betting specials reveal: it all starts with KFC’s exit

It’s 2019. Winter has come. The vegans were right all along. Mankind killed off all chicken on Earth (or at least in the UK). There is not enough meat left to eat. We did this. We are to blame. The vegans warned us, but we didn’t care. No more chicken in the United Kingdom. They told us to treat them as friends, but we did not do that. We kept on killing and eating them anyway. We kept on destroying Mother Earth. We didn’t listen.

If only we could turn back time. But it’s too late. We will never be able to eat chicken, ever again. And that fact comes with consequences. KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken – makes chicken food. You know what it means to their chicken business if there is no chicken. Either they switch to Kentucky Fried Pork, or they cease to exist at all. You can bet on the latter. KFC will leave the UK in 2019.

Brits can’t bear living a life without proper KFC meals

2019 UK Betting Specials Irish Passport
For sure, more than 200k Brits will want this tiny little book…

Who would want to live in a country where eating chicken was impossible? More importantly, why would anyone want to live in a country where KFC was not an option? However, if KFC leaves the United Kingdom, there is only one thing a proper UK citizen could do. Give up on their citizenship and search for the closest country where there is chicken and there is KFC.

That country seems to be Ireland at first sight. Ireland still has chicken and Ireland will have chicken in 2019. Hence, Ireland will have KFC and happy lives in 2019. There is only one thing left to do: become Irish. We’ve all been Irish all our lives, we just didn’t know about it. Being British was just too comfortable. Until now. We can expect British crowds to try to convert into Irish citizen this year. Which, once again, comes with consequences…

(The Brexit might also play a small part in Brits applying for Irish citizenship in 2019.)

If everyone leaves, at least housing will be cheaper

We are still in 2019. We are walking in London but nobody crosses our path. The city is empty. So is the entire country. Everyone went to Ireland, where they still serve chicken at KFC. Where they still have a chance to live a happy life. Where they still belong to the European Union. That’s not how life in the UK works anymore.

Life in the UK is unbearable by now. Hardly any people opted to stay home. They all went for new challenges. Those who stayed, are financially better, at least. Of course, those who still have jobs – not the ones who were working at KFC. But since tons of buildings are empty, housing becomes cheap in the UK. All thanks to Brexit-believers and chicken-eaters.

2019 UK betting specials London Abandoned
London, 2019…

You must find the positive even in the darkest of hours. And you must find important information in the latest review about 22BET Sportsbook, where you can see how to take advantage of the best UK betting specials in 2019.

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