2019 World Women’s Handball Championship Odds on Norway

  • Norway ready to win the title back
  • France appears as the leading team for the World Championship
  • 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship odds against Russia
2019 World Women's Handball Championship Odds
No way Norway won't win!

The 2019 World Women’s Handball Championship odds indicate that Norway will have a comeback and win the title against the other main forces of the sport, such as France and Russia. The tournament will take place in Japan between November 30th and December 15th.

This year’s World Championship will be an exciting one, as online sportsbook news sites in Norway are showing a very competitive top-3. This is no surprise, as these teams have been leading the female handball circuit for the last few years. And unfortunately for Denmark, this will still not be the year that it will be getting back to the podium according to betting sites.

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Rank Team Odds
2019 World Women’s Handball Championship Odds:
#1 Norway 3.00
#2 France 3.60
#3 Russia 3.75

The Scandinavians will be making sure they are still the best team

Without a doubt, Norway has been the best team in women’s handball. Despite its recent difficulties, 2019 is expected to be the turning point of the country’s setback.

The 7-time European Championship winners finished 5th in the 2018 edition. However, this poor exhibition was influenced by a string of bad luck, as they had to deal with injuries of some of their best players. For this, they are the only team on this list to not directly qualify for the 2019 World Championship in Japan.

All eyes are at the play-offs now, as the team is ready to focus on the future. Norway (3.00) is expected to be the new World Champion.

France to defend the 2017 title after a breakthrough season

Olivier Krumbholz France Handball Coach
Olivier Krumbholz hopes to lead France to victory in 2019

France has been, for a few years now, one of the leading teams in the world. In the past 2 years, they have succeeded in taking both the World and the European Championship from Norway. In Japan, France will be defending its second world title.

Ever since Olivier Krumbholz has returned to coaching the team in 2016, France has become more and more dominant. The country finished in the podium of all four major competitions and has since won the first European title for the women’s team after a spectacular match against Russia – the highest attendance ever registered in the tournament.

As France seems to be the biggest threat in the upcoming championship, their odds of winning are 3.60 at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Russia wants to bring back its glory days

Unlike the other countries, Russia has only been building its team since the 90s, because of the fall of the Soviet Union. Remarkably, they reached the top of female handball right from the start of the century.

Russia is the only handball team to win three consecutive World Championships. After a period of decline, the country also got back to victories as a result of the comeback of their previous coach, Evgeny Trefilov, in 2013. They won the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics and had an excellent exhibition in the last European Championship, which is placing them as one of the best bets in online sportsbooks in Norway.

Even though they haven’t been at their best in the last World Championships, they will surely be looking for their 5th trophy. Their odds of winning at Bet365 Sportsbook are 3.75.

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