2020 Bucharest Mayoral Election Odds Favor the Challenger Nicusor Dan

  • The likely date for the election is September 27
  • Incumbent mayor Firea is facing many criticisms
  • Dan is the single candidate of the center-right block
2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds

2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds indicate a two-horse race is about to take place for one of the most important positions in the local administration in Romania. The incumbent mayor Gabriela Firea will be running for the second term. But, her challenger Nicusor Dan has a stronger chance of winning.

According to online sportsbook news sites in Romania, the elections for mayors and county representatives were supposed to take place in early June. However, due to the current situation, the elections were postponed, and the likely date is September 27.

The two candidates mayor Gabriela Firea and USR founder Nicusor Dan have thrown their hats into the ring. 2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds suggest that both candidates have a good chance. However, Dr. Nicusor Dan holds an edge as for now.

2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds and projections

Early this year Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has enjoyed the highest confidence rate, according to the local market research institute CURS. About 40 percent of the Bucharest residents believed that Gabriela Firea is suitable to retain her position.

In recent months Gabriela Firea has been on the decline. The latest opinion poll for Bucharest City Hall shows she is trailing behind Nicusor Dan with nine points. Dan is projected to win 54.4 percent of the votes, while the incumbent mayor of the Capital is projected to get 45.6 percent. Besides, 56.1 percent of Bucharest residents believe the direction in which the Capital is heading is wrong.

2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds

Accordingly, 2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds support Dan to win with a value of 1.33 as per the 22BET Sportsbook. Whereas, Gabriela Firea stands at 3. The reason behind Dan’s rise is the political support he enjoys, while Firea is on the decline because of the many criticisms she receives lately.

Gabriela Firea is facing so many criticisms

Gabriela Firea became the first female mayor of Bucharest in 2015. Occupying the position since then. The Social Democratic Party (PSD) supports her to run for a new term at the helm of Romania’s capital city. However, in recent months Firea faced several challenges. On top is the public heating system where many neighborhoods in the city were left without heat and hot water for days.

She has also received many criticisms for the inability to solve the traffic jam, pollution, and corruption in the public administration. The issue of criminality and scandal, lack of parking, and dirt have all also been raised. With so many unresolved issues, Firea is deservedly entering the race as the underdog at 2020 Bucharest mayoral election odds.

Nicusor Dan is the singly candidate of the center-right

The founder of Save Romania Union (USR), is about to enter the race on solid grounds. His political platform launched in 2015 is the second-biggest political force in Romania’s capital. It is also the third biggest party in Parliament. After he received his Ph.D. in mathematics from one of the most prestigious universities in France, he returned to Romania. He is a civic activist with many achievements.

Dan is currently the single candidate of the center-right parties. Both USR and PLUS parties support him. Besides, the leader of the ruling National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban, Romania’s acting prime minister declared his support. With all the support Dan has a high chance of defeating the current mayor, according to online sportsbooks in Romania.

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