2020 Formula 1 Rivalries to Look Forward to

  • Hamilton and Bottas predicted to stir up a rivalry
  • Verstappen and Leclerc expected to up their ante for title race
  • Ocon will challenge Ricciardo
2020 Formula 1 rivalries
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The 71-st running of the Formula One World Championship is within sight. The biggest racing stars will soon resume the contention for the title. The dynamics between teams and drivers significantly shifted last year, so did the opposition on the grid. Here are the 2020 Formula 1 rivalries that will dominate the championship.

The pre-season tests are coming to an end and it is obvious who will challenge Lewis Hamilton this year. Based upon the impressive lap counts and innovative system, Mercedes will dominate the championship for another season. Yet the German squad faces big challenges in and out of the camp. Leading online sportsbook sites in the UK also predict a tight battle in the midfield. Let’s break down major 2020 Formula 1 rivalries and explore the betting markets.

2020 Formula 1 Rivalries to Look Forward to
Lewis Hamilton to win the 2020 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship 1.496
Max Verstappen to win the 2020 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship 5.95
Valtteri Bottas to win the 2020 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship 6.00
Charles Leclerc to win  the 2020 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship 6.00
Renault to win  the 2020 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship 396.00
Max Verstappen to win an F1 Drivers’ Championship before Charles Leclerc 1.83

Mercedes gears up for a war of teammates

The “Silver Arrows” are tipped to prevail in the upcoming season. However, the situation within the team may surge from companionship to rivalry. Following Nico Rosberg’s departure, the German side took on building team morale. That was one of the reasons why Mercedes settled for Valtteri Bottas. The Finnish driver proved to be a great team player. He has supported Lewis on more than one occasion throughout the years. However, things are about to change.

According to recent online sportsbook news in the UK, Bottas will be Hamilton’s biggest rival in 2020. Introducing the Dual Axis Steering system, Mercedes currently sports the most innovative and technically improved car. That is a huge advantage for both of the drivers and gives Valtteri a chance to challenge his teammate. It is a difficult task to accomplish but not an impossible one.

Albeit 22BET Sportsbook tipsters question his title bid, the Finnish racer gave the Brit a tough battle for the majority of last season. He ended up second in the drivers’ standings, scoring 326 points. It is the most successful season of his career to date. Nevertheless, the temptation of victory is too strong when you are at the wheel of the best car on the grid. Bottas has already revealed his intentions to threaten Lewis’ hold on the title. He may opt to play mind-games with the six-time champion, trying to unbalance him on and off track. Will Mercedes withstand another squad fallout?

Verstappen and Leclerc lead the 2020 Formula 1 rivalries

Red Bull’s lead man Max Verstappen is the most promising driver of the younger generation. Many experts have been hailing him as the future of the F1 since he joined the championship. The Dutchman had an impressive 2019 campaign. He showed rather consistent results, enjoying his most complete season in F1 to date. Currently trading at the odds of 5.95, Max is Hamilton’s closest contender.

While the title contention is an overriding priority, taking Charles Leclerc out of the way will be high on his agenda. The young Monegasque is another rising Next Gen driver, with a huge potential to become an F1 champion. He had a great season with a squad like Ferrari, taking the lead from Sebastian Vettel. Sooner rather than later, Leclerc will join the title battle threatening Verstappen’s bid.

2020 Formula 1 rivalries
Max Verstappen in ’17 – Image source: Morio / CC BY-SA  via Wikimedia Commons

In fact, these two have a long-standing rivalry. Back in their karting days Max and Charles had an on-track altercation, which forced the Dutchman out of the race. The forthcoming season will see him reignite the feud in the highest class of auto racing. Moreover, some oddsmakers are certain he will outdrive Leclerc in the title race.

Ricciardo issued a warning to Ocon

The competition in the midfield is no less intense. We may even see one of the biggest 2020 Formula 1 rivalries flare up among the teams that usually compete in the center of the grid. With as high odds rate as 396.00, Renault is in no position to challenge other squads. The French automotive constructor has been struggling with engine issues over the past few years. Yet it will invest into the season intrigue, having partnered two steadfast drivers.

Daniel Ricciardo had a good career running in Red Bull until he felt his place threatened within the team. He unexpectedly announced a move to Renault. Driving a less advanced car seemed not big of a deal for him, but a competitive teammate may. The main reason the Aussie driver left the Red Bull was his younger partner Max Verstappen. Over the time the Dutchman became a priority for the squad which didn’t sit well with Ricciardo.

Looks like history repeats itself. Former Mercedes reserve driver Esteban Ocon joins Renault this season. He is an uncompromising driver and a notorious troublemaker on the grid. The 23-year-old Frenchman clashed with his team-mate Perez several times has during his Force India stint. He has also had a fallout with Verstappen to the point of a physical altercation.

Ricciardo is conscious of his teammate’s temper but aims to make his campaign about helping out the team. He has warned Ocon to partner up for the sake of Renault, rather than battle out for a place in the middle of the grid. If you intend to indulge in Formula 1 betting markets, make sure to check our latest review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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