2020 Hugo Award Winners – Who Will Take an Award?

  • 2020 Hugo Awards ceremony will be held virtually on August 1
  • Tamsyn Muir with his novel is ranked 1st as the most potential candidate to win an award
2020 Hugo Award Winners
The 2017 Hugo Awards – Image source: Sanna Pudas / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Hugo Award is the most authoritative and prominent award in literature in the category of science fiction and fantasy. It dates to 1953 and has been successfully awarding its winners since 1955 every year. This year, the ceremony had to happen in Wellington, New Zealand. George R.R. Martin – a multiple Hugo Award winner had to host an event. However, the Award ceremony will take place virtually.

We will know the 2020 Hugo Award Winners on Saturday, August 1! 

Online gambling sites in the US all emphasize Tamsyn Muir’s high chances to win the Award. According to 1xBET Sportsbook bets, his odds to gain the victory are 2.00. Nevertheless, his main contender – Arkady Martine has also received a lot of appreciation for his novel. So, here are the odds of the participants:


No. Name Odds
1. Tamsyn Muir 2.00
2. Arkady Martine 3.5


Gideon the Ninth’s Unique Plot Can Make Tamsyn Muir One of the 2020 Hugo Award Winners

2020 Hugo Award Winners
Tamsyn Muir in 2019 – Image source: Rhododendrites / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Tamsyn Muir’s “Gideon the Ninth” impressed lots of readers with its unpredictability. This novel has been called Muir’s “brilliantly original” debut by the NPR.

So, here is the story. Gideon was an orphan and she desperately wanted to leave the Ninth House. Joining the military was one of her dreams. Later, the galaxy governor required Houses to send the best necromancers. So, the House compelled Gideon to join them to compete for becoming immortal. However, all the Houses desired to win. And that’s where series of unexpected and mysterious murders will happen. 

With this novel, Muir has made a breakthrough in the sci-fi. The mix of different genres together with the unusual plot is likely to make Muir one of the 2020 Hugo Award Winners. 

“A Memory Called Empire” by Arkady Martine Received a Great Feedback

Though not the front-runner in the race to join 2020 Hugo Award Winners, Arkady Martine still has great chances to take an award. His novel “A Memory Called Empire” has also received a lot of readers’ appreciation.

Mahit Dzmare is a diplomat who has been sent to the Teixcalaani empire’s capital city. There, Mahit had to present 30,000 spirits that lived on a mining station. On her way, her memories were bringing her back to the former ambassador’s governance period. Mahit soon becomes a big struggle since she denied believing in the mysterious death of her predecessor as well as the empire’s will to swallow the nation. Mahit’s smart and strong personality appealed to many readers, therefore, making “A Memory Called Empire” strikingly interesting read.

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