2020 Men’s European Water Polo Championship Betting Odds: Open Race for the Title

  • 2020 European Water Polo Championship will be held in Budapest
  • Serbia is the reigning champion, can win for the 5th time in a row
  • Hungary, Croatia, Spain and Italy are also favorites
2020 Men's European Water Polo Championship Betting Odds

16 men teams will compete in the European Water Polo Championship in Budapest between the 12th and 26th of January 2020. In our 2020 Men’s European Water Polo Betting Odds we check the main favorites and their odds for the final win. 

In the men’s final a tight and exciting competition is expected, 4-5 teams can reach the top. The reigning champion is Serbia, and they are favorites again, but Hungary, Croatia, Spain, and Italy can win as well. The teams will be split into four groups: the winners of these groups qualify automatically. The second and third teams will play with each other for the remaining four places in the quarter-final.  

2020 Men’s European Water Polo Betting Odds: The top favorites

Serbia is one of the most successful water polo teams in the world. They won the last Olympics in Rio in 2016, and the last four European Championships. But on the World Championship in South Korea this year they only finished 5th after losing against Spain in the quarter-final. So they are beatable, but they will be a strong opponent to anyone. If they win again, this will be their fifth consecutive European Championship title. Their odds are 2.80 with 1xBET

One of Serbia’s biggest enemies and other favorites for the final win is the host nation, Hungary. The two teams have played against each other in lots of different finals, for example in the Olympic Games final in Athen in 2004 or in the World Cup Final in 2014. The Hungarian team is a world-class team, having won 15 Olympic Games, 11 World Championship and 24 European Championship in their history. Probably in recent years, they are not winning as much as they used to, but in front of their fans, they will be a strong force. Their odds are 3.00. 

2020 Men's European Water Polo Championship Betting Odds Varga Denes Online Sportsbooks 1xBET
Varga Dénes, Hungary’s captain. Image source: Jonas de Carvalho / Wikipedia

And staying in this part of Europe, in the 2020 Men’s European Water Polo Betting Odds the third big favorite is Croatia, with the odds of 3.50. Croatia is an Olympic and 2 times World Champion, they also won the European Championship once, in 2010. They finished third both on the last World and European Championship, losing against Spain and Serbia in the semi-finals. But in the last few years, they perform consistently well, reaching the top four in almost every occasion. 

Mediterranean duo: Bet on Italy or Spain to win

Online sportsbooks in Hungary are also mentioning Italy and Spain as potential winners of the tournament. Spain also won the Olympic Games once, though it was a few years ago, in Atlanta, in 1996. And they’ve also won the World Championship twice, in 1998 and 2001. They are coming back to their top form, which was shown this year in the World Championship, where they got the silver medal. They also finished second in the last Euros in Barcelona. Their odds to win in Budapest is 6.00. 

Pietro Figlioli 2020 Men's European Water Polo Championship Betting Odds Online Sportsbooks 1xBET
35-year-old captain to lead Italy to glory? Image source: Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) / Wikipedia

The other great Mediterranean team with trophies is Italy. They have a superb history as the Hungarian team, winning three Olympic Gold, four World and four European Championships. They are probably in the best form after winning the World Championship this summer, defeating Spain 10-5 in the final. We will see if they can keep their good performance and be the best in Europe, their odds are 9.00 to do so. 

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