2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna Winner Predictions

  • David Lindgren opens as bookies heavy favorite
  • Jon Henrik close to win another TV show
  • Elsa Lindström bids to become the first female winner
2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna Winner Predictions
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Music never dies down in Sweden. The local television network TV4 has kicked off a project of professional singers competing against each other. David Lindgren, Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Elsa Lindström, Jessica Andersson are the remaining contestants defying 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna winner predictions. Who will become the next star of the stars?

The Stjärnornas Stjärna is currently one of the most popular shows among the Swedish audience. While national sweetheart Petra Mede keeps the spirit high on presenting panel, it’s the singers who provide the main entertainment. Hosting a big number of Melfest alumni, the third season proves to be even more intriguing. Competing every week in different music genres the singers get voted out. So far, online sportsbook sites in Sweden have been pretty accurate in their predictions. This time you get to punt on the winner of the show and bookmakers have already laid the odds.

Odds on 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna Winner
David Lindgren 2.00
Jon Henrik Fjällgren  3.50
Elsa Lindström 4.50
Jessica Andersson 6.00

Lindgren leads 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna winner predictions

David Lindgren’s hosting pursuance has overshadowed his singing career in recent years. While that speaks high of his presenting skills, the musical aspect of his path has taken a backseat. It’s sad because the Skellefteå native is quite a talented singer. When TV4 revealed 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna cast, Lindgren hit online sportsbook news in Sweden as an apparent frontrunner.

2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna Winner Predictions
Stjärnornas Stjärna – Image via Wikipedia

His streak at the show is very impressive. In the first week, the 37-year-old singer performed the 1993 hit song “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden. He received the most votes from the viewers that evening. Week by week he managed to come on top with different genres. The opera night was the real obstacle for the majority of contestants. However, Lindgren emerged as a true artist nailing Andrea Bocelli’s signature song “Con te partirò”. That performance left no place for further debates over the winner of the season. Priced 2.00 at Unibet Sportsbook, the pop singer is expected to ace the country week as well.

Jon Henrik enters the final rounds

Following his victorious Talang Sverige stint in 2014, Jon Henrik has been in and out of music contests for years. He has participated in Melodifestivalen three times placing second as his best score. Colombiano is known for performing Sámi traditional songs and his unique musical style keeps him in viewers’ good graces. While it’s hard to get onto the mainstream music stage with folk music, Fjällgren may succeed in this project.

Trading 3.50 at Unibet Sportsbook, he comes as the second closest bidder in 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna winner predictions. So far most of the genres were out of his comfort zone, yet the opera week did justice by him. Performing “Du är min hela värld” by Jussi Björling, the 32-year-old singer surged in votes. The country week will probably see him proceed to next week.

Third time’s a charm

The male singers outnumbered ladies this year and comparably enjoyed bookies’ disposition. The third edition of Stjärnornas Stjärna will most likely have another male winner. Nevertheless, Elsa Lindström and Jessica Andersson made it to the final rounds of the series. Despite the odds, you could say that they are absolute fan favorites. Andersson is a fierce performer and always opts for an impressive staging. However, the pop vocal melismas were catchable in her rock and opera performances. Another slip-up may become her ticket out.

Lindström’s best performance came at dansband and disco weeks. She was among the best-voted singers and managed to keep the bar further. Considering she is a country singer this weekend will probably keep her safe, unlike Andersson and Fjällgren. Before proceeding with 2020 Stjärnornas Stjärna winner predictions, make sure to check out the latest review about Unibet Sportsbook.

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