2021 HockeyAllsvenskan Betting Odds and Preview

  • Once again, HockeyAllsvenskan teams will battle it out for SHL promotion 
  • Timrå IK pose are likely to win the 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan season
  • They’re on course achieving SHL promotion after suffering relegation from the premier league in 2014
2021 HockeyAllsvenskan betting odds

If you’re looking for an exciting Swedish betting opportunity, look no further than the 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan. Now you can get in on the ice hockey league with our 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan betting odds and predictions. 

This time around, the 2020/2021 HockeyAllvenskan season will run from October 2020 to March 2021. At this time, Timrå IK have the best 2021 HockeyAllvenskan betting odds favorites to win Sweden’s second-tier league. Let’s see how their chances of winning stand against the other top contenders on Unibet Sportsbook

Club Odds
Timrå IK 2.30
IF Björklöven 2.70
Södertälje SK 12.00
BIK Karlskoga 14.00

Timrå IK have the 2021 HockeyAllvenskan betting odds to return to the premier league 

At this time, Timrå IK has the best 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan betting odds to win this season. What’s more, if they can pull this off, then they will book a ticket back to the premier Swedish Hockey League. 

Since the 2019/2020 season, Timrå IK have been playing in the HockeyAllsvenskan as a result of their 2019 SHL relegation. Now, they’ll be itching to gain promotion back to the SHL according to the online sportsbook news in Sweden

Fortunately, they stand the best chance to achieve this with odds at 2.30. What’s more, Timrå IK also have a strong squad to back up their leading chances of winning on Unibet Sportsbook

Their players to keep an eye on are Jonathan Dahlén and Jens Lööke who are currently the league’s top points scorers

2021 HockeyAllsvenskan betting odds
Let’s play!

IF Björklöven eyes much needed Swedish Hockey League promotion 

Without a doubt, IF Björklöven will be under immense pressure this time around to return to the SHL. All in all, the club have recorded an impressive 26 seasons in Sweden’s premier division league. 

However, they last played in the SHL way back in 2014. Fortunately, they now find themselves in a promising position on Unibet Sportsbook to gain promotion to the SHL. What’s more, they have the second-highest 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan betting odds to achieve this at 2.70.

Lastly, be sure to keep an eye out for Tyler Vesel who’s currently the club’s top points scorer. 

More top contenders eyeing the 2021 HockeyAllsvenskan win

Another team that’s itching to gain promotion to the Swedish Hockey League is Södertälje SK.   Similar to most of the top contenders, will be looking to give it their all after last playing in the SHL in 2011. 

At this time, they have the third-highest 2021 HockeyAllvenskan betting odds to make their SHL promotions hopes into reality at 12.00. Lastly, BIK Karlskoga completes the list of top contenders with promising odds of winning on the online sportsbooks in Sweden.

Since 1997, the club have played in Sweden’s second-tier league. However, now they’ll be looking to for a change of scenery. Without a doubt, there’s no other place to achieve this but at the Swedish Hockey. 

Now, with Unibet Sportsbook odds at 14.40, they might soon realize that the grass is always greener on the other side. 

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