Bayern and Liverpool Favored by the 2021 UCL Quarter-Finals Odds to Win the Return Leg

  • Bayern will look for a two-goal advantage to secure a seat in the semi-finals
  • Liverpool have almost no chance of winning over Real
  • The City vs Dortmund and Chelsea vs Porto are still not over yet
2021 UCL quarter-finals odds

All eight Champions League quarter-finalists will meet again on 13 and 14 April in the return leg. Arguably the most anticipated games are Bayern vs PSG and Liverpool vs Real. Interestingly the ones that lost the first leg, Bayern and Liverpool, enjoy great 2021 UCL quarter-finals odds to win the return leg.

Champions League quarter-finals first leg games had some surprising results. On top was Bayern Munich’s defeat to PSG. The German champions have been among the favorites to win back-to-back the Champions League title until their first loss on 07 April. Liverpool also showed a very weak game against Real, losing heavily with a shattered defense.

Despite all of that, most online sportsbooks in Portugal still expect the two teams Bayern and Liverpool to come back in style. Is it realistic or the 2021 UCL quarter-finals odds are still treating PSG and Real unfairly? Here is our analysis to find an answer, and also our preview of the other two exciting games Chelsea vs Porto and the City vs Dortmund.

2021 UCL quarter-finals odds on Bayern vs PSG

The Champions League titleholders were the hosts in the first leg. They had an upper hand by all the bookies to pull out another big win. However, the end-to-end action throughout the game showed that PSG cannot be underestimated. While the heavy snow started covering Allianz Arena, the game was heating up. PSG held an edge with Mbappe’s pace and talent, capturing a 3-2 victory over Bayern.

The return leg will take place on 13 April in France. Bayern will play again without Lewandowski and will look for a two-goal advantage to secure a seat in the semi-finals. But, with PSG’s strong gameplay and individual talent, it is hard to write PSG off. Should Bayern win the game with 2.10 odds at Bet365 Sportsbook, it will be a hard-fought win. Otherwise, PSG may surprise again with 3.20 odds.

2021 UCL quarter-finals odds
It’s on!

Liverpool will look to leave the competition with pride

Looking back at Real Madrid’s group stage games, some of them were much tougher than Liverpool’s first leg. It was a big disappointment to see Liverpool so disorganized and weak against Real throughout the 90 minutes. Even Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp admitted the team made it too easy for Real with many mistakes, letting Real go back home with such a big advantage, as per BBC.

Will it be any different in the return leg? The 2021 UCL quarter-finals odds suggest Liverpool will likely go for a win with a 1.95 value. Whereas Real will come as the underdogs at 3.50. However, even if Liverpool manages to win the game it will unlikely secure a seat in the semi-finals.

Chelsea vs Porto tie is not over yet

In the first leg, Porto failed to seal off Chelsea, as they did against Juventus. With two defensive lapses, Chelsea were able to get two valuable goals and keep a clean sheet. When they meet again on 13 April, Chelsea will look to stay humble and protect their advantage. They have proven to be able to do so before. So, as many online sportsbook news sites in Portugal expect Chelsea will be the favorites to win with 1.75 odds.

Many perceive that Porto were the better team in the first leg but lacked the finishing touch. Thus, it is fair to say that the tie is not over yet. Should Porto show up more clinical in front of Chelsea, they may get a victory with a 4.33 value.

2021 UCL quarter-finals odds
Let’s play!

The City needs to be more solid against Dortmund

Pep’s men took advantage in the first leg with a 2-1 victory at the Etihad. They went 1-0 until the 84th minute when Dortmund got the equalizer. Then, the best man on the night Phil Foden stepped up to provide the winner for the City in the final minute for formal time. Speaking after victory Pep seemed relieved to get out of the draw trap. He said, “Better to win than draw… We have a good chance next week… We have one more game there and with the result 2-1 we will try to score the goals there to win”, according to BBC.

This is a tough match and hard to call. While the City holds a firm advantage at 2021 UCL quarter-finals odds with a 1.60 value, things may turn around. Dortmund is a tough team to beat, and it has what it takes to make an upset with 5.00 odds.

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