3 Reasons for Betting on Solo: A Star Wars Story to Win an Oscar

3 Reasons for Betting on Solo: A Star Wars Story to Win an Oscar

The spinoff focusing on Han Solo’s early days was released last week. It has been advertised with the tagline “never tell him the odds.” However, we’ll take the liberty of sharing those numbers with you because they suggest that betting on Solo: A Star Wars Story’s winning an Oscar is a great move.

The new movie’s tagline is, of course, a reference to the classic scene in The Empire Strikes Back where 3-CPO warns Han that “the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.” Han drives through the field anyway, exclaiming: “Never tell me the odds!”

The young Han would probably have even fewer concerns about successfully navigating the red carpet at next year’s Academy Awards ceremony. In this case, however, the numbers are on his side: according to the estimations of 1xBET Sportsbook, Solo’s chances to win at least one Oscar are 3/1.

But it’s not only online sportsbook sites in the UK that suggest Solo could be a new hope in Star Wars history. Here are a few additional favorable signs, in no particular order.

It was screened at Cannes

The last time a Star Wars movie made it to the Cannes Film Festival was in 2005. Solo brought the franchise back to the prestigious festival, which indicates that the community of film critics is warming up to the series after a dry spell.

To be fair, when critics came out of the theater, their reactions were mixed. The complaint most often repeated in their reviews is that the plot is fairly predictable. Even an article that announces in its title that Solo “gambles (and wins) by not being just another ‘Star Wars’ movie” admits that the writers avoided “taking big risks.”

At the same time, there is a consensus that the film excels in other areas. It has been praised for its entertainment value, visuals, and cast. This gives us a good idea of which category Solo has the best chance to win at.

Nobody can resist Donald Glover’s capes

It is a huge feat in itself that Alden Ehrenreich successfully stepped into Harrison Ford’s shoes and became a convincing Han Solo. Still, the actor whom fans and critics alike are celebrating is the new Lando Calrissian: Donald Glover.

Even Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando in the original trilogy, approved of Glover’s portrayal of the character. His performance oozes charm, enhanced by the sleek capes he wears. Glover’ Lando also shows signs of pansexuality, which adds an extra layer of meaning to an already interesting character. This may prove too much to resist even for the jury of the Academy Awards.

Solo has good chances of winning an Oscar for the Best Visual Effects

Even if someone steals the golden statuette for the Best Supporting Actor from Glover, Solo has faith in other categories, most notably the Best Visual Effects. That category has a long history with Star Wars films: only one movie in the entire series (The Revenge of the Sith) failed to get an Oscar nomination.

Online betting sites in the UK are also certain that the franchise will add another nomination to its records. They are offering conspicuously small returns (2/5) for bets on Solo: A Star Wars Story’s winning an Oscar for the Best Visual Effects.

While most Star Wars films failed to convert their nominations to wins, Solo has the potential to pull it off. Reviews praise the movie’s visuals in unison. Bernard Boo, for instance, highlights the train robbery scene, which so successfully conveys a feeling of awe with gigantic vehicles and heavy machineries.

Han would definitely bet on Solo: A Star Wars Story to win an Oscar

This is just the tip of the iceberg: we haven’t even mentioned, among other things, the amazing soundtrack, which could easily grab an Oscar for the Best Original Score. But the three reasons above would be enough in themselves for Han to smirk and place his Imperial Credits on the spinoff’s triumph at the 2019 Academy Awards. If you agree with him, channel your inner space gambler and visit 1xBET Sportsbook.

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