How Favorable Are the Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier Betting Odds?

How Favorable Are the Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier Betting Odds?

This is the superfight MMA fans have been waiting for. Stipe Miocic’s Heavyweight title will be at stake on July 7 when he goes against Light Heavyweight champion Daniel “DC” Cormier. The fight would be exciting in itself but there is an extra circumstance to glue viewers to the screen: the official Miocic vs Cormier betting odds are favorable.

Both contenders obviously have a realistic chance to win (it wouldn’t be a superfight if it wasn’t so) but the MMA community strongly favors Miocic. Kenny Florian, Fabricio Werdum and Curtis Blaydes have all predicted a win by Miocic and they are being joined by others.

Given the clear preference for the heavyweight champion (who has Croatian roots), one would expect online betting sites in Croatia to offer humble returns on Miocic’s victory. Fortunately for gambling enthusiasts, that is not the case. The Miocic vs Cormier betting odds at Unibet Sportsbook are a case in point: -200 is given for the favorite and +150 for an upset by Cormier.

Factors influencing the Miocic vs Cormier betting odds

So exactly why is Miocic seen as the better fighter? There are a number of reasons. Most obviously, he is four years younger than his opponent, which can make a difference in MMA. Miocic is certainly the less shopworn of the two.

Apart from the extra four years of exposure to kicks and punches, Cormier’s career has also been riddled with dangerous weight cuts. One of them took such a heavy toll on his body that his kidneys shut down.

Fighting Tactics

Cormier will try to counterbalance the above-mentioned disadvantages by capitalizing on his wrestling background. If he manages to take the fight to the ground, he could get his opponent into a sticky situation.

However, Miocic has the height advantage to help him keep Cormier at bay. He also has more punching power. Granted, Cormier’s chin is strong and has withstood some serious hits (most notably Alexander Gustafsson’s knee attack). But Miocic’s offense is a tough test even for such a solid chin.

It’s no coincidence the MMA community expects Miocic to win. Betting on him is a fairly safe option, much safer than the official odds (-200) indicate, and a high number of gambling enthusiasts are already placing money on him. Join them at Unibet Sportsbook before the returns offered for Miocic start decreasing!

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