Doctor Alex George Dominates the Top Male Love Island 2018 Odds

  • Love Island Reality Show
  • Recipient of BAFTA TV Award 2018
  • Host: Caroline Flack
  • Winnings: GBP 50,000

Love Island 2018’s cast is full of top-notch specimen. Doctor Alex George, who has both the brains and brawn, is one of them. How are his Top Male Love Island 2018 odds, compared to the other contestants?

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It has been officially announced that six male and five female islanders are to appear on Love Island 2018. This means Dr Alex George will be competing with five other lads. Have a look at our exclusive Top Male Love Island 2018 odds to help you decide the best bets!

A New Doctor on TV

The bookies’ favourite to be the Top Male in Love Island 2018 is Dr Alex George at 3/1. It is not at all surprising since he is the total package. Apart from being a good-looking doctor, Alex is also loyal, kind and caring. He would make every girl in the room swoon, female islanders not excluded!

According to online gambling news in UK, Dr Alex is able to commit to Love Island because he has a zero hours contract with the University Hospital Lewisham. It means there is no set amount of work and the hospital cannot stop Dr Alex from pursuing other work or project. After Love Island though, Dr Alex would still want to go back to work in the emergency room and save lives…

Biggest Threat to Dr Alex in Love Island

If you are online gambling in UK and betting on Top Male in Love Island 2018, Eyal Booker (3/1) is up there with Dr Alex. They have the same odds. Eyal definitely gets a plus when he admitted that he is looking for serious love. That is exactly what us audience wants!

Eyal is now a model, but did you know that he is also a musician? He used to be in a relatively successful band called EverYoung. Eyal’s musical endeavour benefits him in Love Island because he has a tight fan-base who would do anything to get him to win.

The Rest of the Male Islanders

We have Adam Collard, Niall Aslam, Wes Nelson and Jack Fincham left in the list of contestants. The Top Male Love Island 2018 odds for all of them are equally 5/1. At the moment, they are quite a bit behind Dr Alex and Eyal.

Still, we need to take a note of Wes Nelson and Jack Fincham who have the potential to become Top Male. Both have charisma. Wes is an Electrical and Nuclear Systems Design Engineer, so he has that knowledgeable vibe going. Meanwhile, Jack is simply likeable what with him describing himself as ‘a clumsy, walking disaster.’

Bet on the Top Male in Love Island 2018!

Dr Alex George and Eyal Booker (3/1) are the bookies’ favourites to win Top Male in Love Island 2018. Wondering where to place your bets? Visit Unibet Sportsbook and you can wager on all aspects involving Love Island 2018.

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