4 Reasons for Ultra HD Casinos and 4 Reasons why not

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Ultra-HD technology is just over the horizon, and with recent developments in live dealer casino games 4D Casinos can’t be too far off.

Wait, hold on a minute. Didn’t we pretty much just get settled into High Definition? Well, although it may seem like that, it’s been about 10 years since HDTV became the standard.

If you thought that HDTV was the pinnacle of screen resolution, then you’re in for a surprise. Ultra-HD, also known as 4D and 4K, is to HDTV what HDTV was to SDTV; that sentence might be a bit confusing so I’ll explain it a little bit better quickly.

Standard Definition is four times smaller, made up of fewer pixels giving a less clear picture, than High Definition; High Definition is four times smaller than Ultra-High Definition; simple.

Okay so now that all that gibberish is out of the way, we can focus on Ultra-HD Casinos; they don’t actually exist yet but that will probably change in the relatively near future.

We’ve broken down the pros and cons for 4D online casinos, and given you 4 of each to help you decide if your for them, or against them.

Man, that looks…Incredible, I think.

Internet and mobile casinos
are all the rage these days, the ultimate benefit of them is undoubtedly the fact that you can access them from at home or on the go.


• SDTV (480p)

• HDTV (1080p)

• ULTRA-HDTV (2160p)

Increasingly, operators are opting to include live dealer casinos alongside their other services; this allows the player to experience a much more realistic game-play environment and become immersed in the games they are playing.

One can easily see how increasing the quality of the pictures they are viewing, up to Ultra-HD standards, can only improve and enhance the already live and exciting game experience. This is easily our first pro for 4K casinos, the unbeatable quality that will leave all other live casinos still using old technology looking pale in comparison.

4k will make it appear as if you are literally sitting across from the dealer, it’ll be like looking through a window at the action rather than making you feel like you’re simply staring at a screen.

As great as this is, the higher quality also provides the first con of Ultra-HD. Sometimes, it’s not always best to see someone’s face in ultimate super-up-close definition; faces have blemishes, imperfections and sometimes folks get food stuck in their teeth. The incredible details on the wrong face, right in your own face, could distract you from your game and make you lose the hand you’re playing.

Chips in your lap

You’ll be able to enjoy famous American poker rooms American poker rooms to an even greater degree thanks to the easily achievable passive 3D that comes with Ultra-HD screens.

Current active3D technology often includes bulky battery-powered glasses and even if it is passive can cause discomfort when viewing for extended periods of time.

Ultra-HD is said to deliver passive 3D gaming with no problem, and quality is not diminished due to the much greater resolution. So while you’re deciding whether to stand or request another card, you’ll literally be able to sit with the table and chips in your lap in your very own bedroom.

A downside of the amazing new resolution is that to fully enjoy all the features and truly appreciate the quality, you’re going to need much larger screen that you’re used to. For example, to fully enjoy 4K broadcasting on a television it’s recommended that your TV is at least 80’’; so save some space if you want to enjoy Ultra-HD.

Fear-not though, the larger screen has an up-side too. Say you want to hit the online casino but the other half is insistent on watching TV, 4K screens can split viewing and cater to both with no drop in quality or clarity. Neat.

Damn eyeballs

Going back to the resolution, and I know it’s already been listed as a pro, that’s because it is. Strangely, it also falls under a con because in a sense it’s a bit unnecessary; this is because of the limitations of the human eye itself. So you will be seeing the best quality you ever have done, but some of it is getting wasted on your awful human eyeballs.

It’s hard to hold this against the concept of 4K viewing though, because naturally at some-point resolution will reach a stage where the mere human capabilities will be surpassed.

On the plus side, Ultra-HD boasts incredible color saturation and has impressive color displays. Whilst playing on British internet casinos you’ll get crystal clear color images; this may potentially help you identify the bets your fellow players are placing on their blackjack purely by looking at the chips, not needing to read what the screen is telling you.

Again, this will help with full immersion in the game; it’s like you’ve stepped into the pictures.

Currently, it’s not cheap

As with all new technology, there is sadly a high price-tag attached to products with 4K capabilities, this is a major con. However, as 4K because more common you’ll likely see the prices drop, so maybe just wait around a while unless your desperate and this won’t be too much of an issue.

Although if you are a high-roller and often walk away from mobile betting with more money in your account than when you started, you could probably fork out the cash and invest in a product which will allow 4K live casinos now.

It’s kind of a good move because without a doubt in the near future, HD will be phased out and Ultra-HD will be moving in; until the next big change, that is.

So now you should have an idea of whether or not you’re for or against live casinos in Ultra-HD; although, I think the point may be moot as it is a likely inevitability and will no doubt be gracing the screens of gambling fans in the close future.

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