5 Best Sportsbook Bonuses Available for the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games provide the opportunity to bet on some very unusual

Every four years the Commonwealth Games (known as the British Empire Games from 1930 to 1966) bring together the top athletes from 71 nations of the former British Empire to play sports at diverse as rugby, hockey, lawn bowls and netball.

The best thing about the games is that they give us the opportunity to place wagers on events we otherwise wouldn’t. How often would you throw down your hard-earned cash on a Scotsman and a Kiwi rolling balls down a patch of grass?

• The Commonwealth Games are perfect for sportsbetting because they feature a wide range of little-known games
• When choosing a sportsbook it’s important to look for the best available bonuses
• The best bonuses for betting on the Commonwealth games are from Bet365, BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Dafabet and Betfair

Or bet on a team of Aussies and a team of South African ladies compete in a sport which looks striking familiar, while we can’t quite put our finger on what it is? That would be netball, a variation of basketball popular in some Commonwealth countries.

With all those betting options available, it’s important to choose a great online sportsbook in the UK, Australia or elsewhere to place wagers with. Any site you choose should have a good selection, great odds and top-notch bonuses. We’ll give you the rundown on where you can find the best bonuses when betting on the Commonwealth Games.

Free bet bonus from BetVictor

Victor Chandler’s Gibraltar-based bookmaker is one of the best in the business for a lot of reasons, bonuses not the least of them. BetVictor will set you up with a GDP 25 free bet just for making an account.

This is perfect for Commonwealth Games betting. You may find yourself interested in placing a wager on an unorthodox sport like squash, netball or badminton. You’re interested, but don’t know much about that game and don’t feel confident wagering your money on it.

That’s perfect, because BetVictor will take the risk for you. The site also has one of the top selectionsof betting offers.

Deposit bonus from Bet365

This hefty bonus is perfect for that sports fan who goes nuts over the Commonwealth Games, betting on their favorite athletes and teams left and right. Maybe you only bet on the games, so don’t currently have a profile with any online bookmaker.

If that describes you, Bet365 is perfect. Denise Coates and company promise to match 100 percent of your initial deposit up to GBP 200, giving you a hefty bankroll with which to wager on your favorite sporting events.

The site accepts wagers on most Commonwealth Games events, including rugby sevens, triathlon, badminton, netball, squash and swimming. In fact, we think it’s most likely the best place to wager on the games.

Cashback bonus at Betfair

The betting exchange Betfair is another bookmaker seeming designed for the Commonwealth Games. Log on if you are considering betting on the games for the first time. They offer a BGP 20 cashback bonus on your first exchange bet, a great Commonwealth Games sportsbook bonus.

That means that should you wager on England to beat New Zealand in rugby sevens (we wouldn’t advise you to do this) and lose, they will refund you money up to 20 quid! You don’t need to worry about taking on any risk, because they’ve done it for you.

On top of that, Betfair has probably the best selection of offers on the Commonwealth Games as you’ll find anywhere online, including events like judo, lawn bowls and netball that you won’t find on most betting sites.

Mobile betting bonus at Ladbrokes

When it comes to betting on the Commonwealth games, the mobile format beats fixed-onlineanyday. Why? The games include thousands of athletes competing in hundreds of events in dozens of sports. There are always events going on, so it’s important to be able to check betting lines and results and place bets while you’re on the go.

Ladbrokes had exactly that in mind when they devised the GBP 50 new mobile user bonus. New mobile customers are eligible for a GBP 50 free bet, so you can place wagers with someone else’s money while keeping up with your favorite rugby or swimming athletes on the go.

Signup bonus at Dafabet

Dafabet is Asia’s most popular sportsbook. Given that many of the 71 nations competing in the Commonwealth games are in or near Asia, including India, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and Pakistan, this bookmaker puts more emphasis on the Commonwealth Games than most.

And the site offers a great integrated sportsbook and casino bonus, so you can wager on your favorite Commonwealth events like rugby and athletics while also having some left over for the casino after the games are over.

New signups are eligible for a INR 500 sportsbook bonus as well as INR bonus for the casino. That gives you plenty of cash for both!

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