7 Freaky Online Casino Slots to Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

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Looking to explore your inner weirdo online? These stupefying slot games provide ample opportunity.

Slots have long been of the most innovative sectors of the gambling industry. Since the first slot machine was unveiled in 1898 it has progressed to video slot machines and now to online and mobile casinos. With innovation often comes weirdness, as the people who are developing new games are clutching at straws to get people’s attention. Here are 7 of the most absurd online slot games we could find.

Online casino slot for the geekiest of geeks: Orc vs. Elf

• Cool Cat Casino is a leader in freaky slots, featuring Orc vs. Elf, Wok & Roll and Hillbillies

• Those looking for slots with an erotic twist can play Hunky Heroes and the pop-culture inspired 40 Shades of Santa

• Palace of Chance’s Rudolph’s Revenge puts a violent spin on the cute children’s story

This nerd-tastic nerd-fest is available on Cool Cat Casino, an online casino home to a variety of unusual games. This Lord of the Rings inspired slot features 14 feature games. That includes 7 Orc-centric games in the series “The Road to Orcholme” and 7 Elfish games in the “The Road to Elveros.” You can create your own fantastical character and choose which road you wish to travel down.

Magic and fantasy aside, the slot features 5 reels and 15 paylines. If your Orc defeats an Elf in the battle round (or vice versa) you earn battle points. Win three battle points and you qualify for a bonus feature: The Ultimate Victory. How’s that for geek fodder?

Not at all politically correct: Hillbillies

Nobody knows how to party like hillbillies. With country music, moonshine whiskey, crawfish and women with big hair, everything these people do is big. In this outrageously kitschy slot you can join the entire Hillbilly family as they head to the hills in search of gold. If you get tired you can always take a break and enjoy a bottle of moonshine or hum along to the Grandpa Hillbilly’s banjo sounds.

This fabulous trash-fest features 20 paylines and allows you to wager anything from $.01 (it might be all you have if you’re a hillbilly) to $5.00. You can cash in by putting Hillbillies in a row: if the creatively named Grandpa, Young Woman and Young Man appear in combos of two or more you can win 8 free spins.

Turn up the heat this Christmas: 40 Shades of Santa

Do you need a bit of sado-masochism to spice up your life? Christian Grey may not be available, but this painfully pleasurable slot provides the next best thing: Santa Claus. It turns out Santa is a bit more sexual than we realized, and here he brings his entire bag of saucy items: handcuffs, garters, fishnet stocking and blindfolds. If you’re lucky, the young and sexy Mrs. Claus may even show up for a threesome.

If you can control your urges long enough to sit down and play the game it features 5 reels and 50 slots, and you can win up to GBP 25,000. You can play exclusively with the Irish internet casino Paddy Power.

A kitschy taste of the Far East: Wok & Roll

Whether you are you an aficionado of East Asian culture or just hungry for some greasy eggrolls, this slot from Cool Cat Casino is for you. Sadly the food isn’t real, but the fun is!

This slot features 5 reels and 25 pay lines and is fit for both lowly Chinese restaurant employees and Macau high rollers, allowing you to bet anything from $.01 to $125. Landing three or more “Wok & Roll” symbols together awards ten free games with 10x multipliers, and this great slot has a progressive jackpot to boot.

Sexy, sweaty beefcakes: Hunky Heroes

If you are looking for a dash of passion but the sado-masochism thing just isn’t your cup of tea, Spin Palace has its own spicy online casino slot: Hunky Heroes. We’ve got Patrick the bearded, muscular fireman wearing a hat with the #69, Roger the pilot, Wade the navy officer, Duncan the policeman and Brad the dreamy, blonde California lifeguard. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know all of them on an intimate basis.

In a sexy twist, male underwear is a featured icon. Oh and apparently you can also win money. But with all these fantastic hunks, that just doesn’t seem important anymore.

Where did we go so wrong: Rudolph’s Revenge

In this slot from Palace of Chance, Rudolph is pissed off. Santa made an insensitive comment about him having a red nose (doesn’t he??) and he did not take it well. He has taken to smoking cigars and wielding a baseball bat, and has tied Santa up with a time-bomb just waiting to blow. In-game graphics feature Santa trying to escape and Rudolph swinging the bat while laughing maniacally.

This violent slot features 5 reels and 50 paylines, and each spin carries a $2 bet. There is a progressive jackpot to top things off. It will forever change the way you think about the adorable children’s movie Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Fluffy fury: Hot Cross Bunnies

Who knew cute, cuddly bunnies could be so vicious? This slot from online sportsbook in Britain Bet365 has shown us the brutal inner-nature of what we thought were fuzzy friends. What has been done to make these bunnies so angry? We have no idea, especially considering that they are hanging out on a delightful tropical island. Maybe bunnies just don’t like golden sandy beaches and palm trees.

This is a classically simple slot game featuring 3 reels and 1 pay line. The best part is the high payout: over 95 percent on average. A perfect slot for those seeking a bit of relaxation.

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