7 People Arrested for Illegal Online Gambling

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The police are investigating another case of illegal gambling in Malaysia.

Seven men have been accused of breaking Malaysian gambling laws by engaging in online gambling. The delinquents have been taken to the police station after local authorities caught them playing internet casino games in Kampung Abdullah.

Tipped off by a family member of one of the lawbreakers, the police raided the place and found several gambling machines on the premises. Under the country’s legislation, accessing online gambling sites in Malaysia is strictly forbidden, but the seven men – aged between 20 and 60 – risked it anyway.

Lawbreakers risk RM 100,000 fine

“To cover their operations, the operator would ask customers to park their vehicle some 100m away from the gambling den,” district police chief superintendent Mohd Kamil Sukarmi told reporters.

The tip-off helped local authorities discover and stop the entire operation. In addition, police officers confiscated the machines found in the illegal gambling den. Now the culprits and the operator might be punished and forced to pay a fine up to RM 100,000 under Section 4B(a) of the Common Gaming House 1953.

Malaysia has only one legal brick-and-mortar casino. The venue has several gaming tables and machines, but it’s not enough to quench local players’ thirst for gambling. This is why many of them turn to online gambling sites, knowing full well that they are illegal.

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