7 Royal Levels of King Billy Casino VIP Program


Posted: September 28, 2020

Updated: September 28, 2020

  • Next-level gambling is available at King Billy Casino
  • Check what 7 stages of VIP gambling it has and join the club now!

Do you want to gamble like a Royal? It is more than possible with a special King Billy Casino VIP program. Reach different levels, earn an endless number of bonuses, and get exclusive benefits no other casino can offer. Read our guide to learn how the program works.

King Billy Casino is one of the best online gambling sites in the world. It has all features of a high-class online casino: it is well-ranked, it has a great design and plenty of perks for its loyal customers. The latter is the main topic of this article – how can you become a VIP member and what bonuses will you get from it?

There is a special King Billy Casino VIP program that stands out from high-roller perks at other casinos. Everything starting from its classification and ending with the bonuses you get makes King Billy so different from the others. Read our guide to know more about the VIP membership and join it now.

What is the King Billy Casino VIP program?

Like any other reputable casino, King Billy has its own loyalty program. At this high-class casino site, it is called simply VIP, but this is the only predictable thing you will meet. The VIP membership at King Billy is very special as it has 7 levels and you are free to choose the one you want to join.

To fit its Royal name, King Billy Casino has developed “seven Royal levels” of its VIP program. Here are they, ranked from the lowest to the highest:

  • 1 Level – Citizen
  • 2 Level – Baron (Baroness)
  • 3 Level – Count (Countess)
  • 4 Level – Marquess (Marchioness)
  • 5 Level – Duke (Duchess)
  • 6 Level – Prince (Princess)
  • 7 Level – King (Queen)

Let’s see what you have to do to join each level and what perks they offer. Check other online casinos in Russia if you cannot enter King Billy for some reason.

Seven levels of the King Billy Casino VIP program

All seven levels of the VIP program at King Billy Casino bear their names for a good reason. In particular, they describe how far you have gone in playing games and being loyal to the casino. Let’s take a closer look at each level.

1 Level – Citizen

The lowest level at King Billy Casino is called Citizen – its members almost don’t have perks. Citizens are usually players who are newcomers or rarely play games at this gambling site. In general, the status of Citizen means you have 0-499 points and can count on only one bonus: changing 100 King’s points into $1. If you look for more, come to the next level.

2 Level – Baron (Baroness)

The status of Baron or Baroness at King Billy Casino means you are quite a loyal player. Your faithfulness to your favorite gambling site is rewarded with 500-4999 points, which is a good result! Usually, it means that you can earn 200 free spins, 5% weekly cashback, and change 100 points into $3. However, do not stop here – let’s move on!

King Billy Casino VIP program
Let’s play!

3 Level – Count (Countess)

The next level at one of the best online gambling sites in Russia is Count (Countess). King Billy Casino users with this status are eager players and frequent guests. They have 5000-12999 points they can change into $5 per hundred. Additionally, they can ask for two cool bonuses: 150 free spins to reach the next level and 7% weekly cashback. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

4 Level – Marquess (Marchioness)

To our mind, Marquesses and Marchionesses are in the Golden middle. These players can boast for lots of privileges: for example, turning 100 points into $6 or having a 9% weekly cashback. Moreover, the King Billy Casino VIP program gives them an opportunity to get a $100 Bonus plus 150 free spins in slots. All you have to do to reach this level is to earn 13.000-24.000 points on playing games.

5 Level – Duke (Duchess)

Here comes one of three supreme levels. If you are Duke or Duchess at King Billy, you are among the top players. You have up to 39.000 King points, which open many doors in front of you. For example, Dukes can have $200 bonus money and 200 spins for free. Also, they are given an opportunity of 11% weekly cashback and changing 100 points into $7. 

King Billy Casino VIP program
Are ya winning?

6 Level – Prince (Princess)

The second-highest VIP level at King Billy Casino is Prince for gentleman and Princess for ladies. If you are very loyal to King Billy and have 40.000+ points, the casino will generously reward you. Princes and Princesses can enjoy all perks offered by King Billy Casino including a $300 bonus and 300 free spins. Also, a 13% weekly cashback and $8 per hundred points during the exchange are included. What comes along with the top level?

7 Level – King (Queen)

King or Queen is the highest level of the King Billy Casino VIP program. It is not easy to reach, but if you do, you won’t regret it. Becoming the best of the best is possible only by invitation – you can’t join the 7 Level by collecting points. However, if you frequently deposit money to the casino, it will reward you with an invitation. Then, you will get a record-high $500 + 500 free spins, 15% cashback every week, but this isn’t it. The possibility to exchange points for money has never been better as you can receive $10 per 100 points. Join the club now to play your favorite games like a Royal family member – poker, slots, and other exciting games are waiting for you!

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You can discover more about King Billy Casino here.

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