All You Need To Know About Legal Gambling at Internet Cafes in 2020


Posted: September 24, 2020

Updated: September 24, 2020

  • Gambling in cybercafes - is it possible in 2020?
  • Most of Internet cafes offer sweepstakes instead of real games

Do you know much about legal gambling at Internet cafes, sweepstakes, and everything related to it? If not, we are going to explain how it works and where you can gamble apart from home and land-based casinos. 

Internet cafes were once very popular. Back in the 1990s when not every person had a PC or a laptop at home, many used to go to Internet cafes to chat, work, and entertain themselves. Although Internet cafes are at the edge of dying out, there are still some locations to visit. However, can you gamble from Internet cafes or you should visit online casinos in Hong Kong instead? Let’s see.

How can you gamble at Internet cafes?

Nowadays, online gambling is regulated like any land-based casino in Las Vegas. If you look for transparency and guaranteed payouts in case of winning, you should choose one of the online gambling sites in Hong Kong. However, what to do if playing games from home or going to land-based casinos isn’t possible? Cybercafes can be a good option under certain circumstances.

This is how legal gambling at Internet cafes theoretically works. Internet (or cyber) cafes are actually stores where you can buy and use the Internet. Surely, they don’t almost function like that anymore – they are rather used for gambling activities. Cybercafes let customers purchase access to casino sites (or buy lottery tickets, either offline or online). It works like this: a person buys a certain number of online minutes or prepaid phone cards. Each purchase gives entry to “sweepstakes”. Then, you go to computers with pre-installed gambling software and play. If you win, you get cash, while the outcome depends on nothing except for your luck. 

legal gambling at Internet cafes
Let’s play!

Is there legal gambling at Internet cafes in 2020?

Although cybercafes seem innocent at first glance, they are forbidden in many countries and states. Usually, they are considered as an “illegal form of gambling”, however, it is not always true. In fact, Internet cafes that offer sweepstakes don’t actually meet the definition of gambling – therefore, they can’t be called illegal. Let’s see why.

Gambling is every activity that fulfills three requirements: prize (your winning), chance (your possibility to win), and consideration (something you pay for having a chance to win).  Gambling in cybercafes meets the first two, but lacks consideration because people don’t pay for sweepstakes – they initially purchase online minutes or phone cards! Therefore, there is a chance to try absolutely legal gambling at Internet cafes.

Where to find them? Some sweepstakes cafes in Florida operate within a legal gray area. Also, there are several establishments in Eastern European countries and Asia. However, if you don’t want to risk, you can always choose King Billy Casino and gamble safely from home. 

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