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Casinos in Hong Kong
The government of Hong Kong does not allow standard land-based casinos, but several cruise ships specialize on casino gambling. These floating establishments sail to international waters before opening their casinos and are therefore not bound by Hong Kong’s restrictions.

Both in 2006 and 2007, Hong Kong has considered directives to legalize casinos. Both times, however, the directives were voted down. Hong Kong does not want to compete with Macau, and to take away gamblers from the territory. They also do not want to encourage gambling in a city where it is already very popular.

Online Casinos in Hong Kong
People in Hong Kong who want to play casino games therefore need to gamble on the internet. Like in mainland China, however, the law prevents online casinos from operating in Hong Kong. But this does not stop foreign internet casinos – players simply go to casinos that are in other parts of the world, where the Hong Kong government has no jurisdiction.

Online casinos that accept players from Hong Kong are sometimes offered in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Most, however, are international casinos that are offered in English and use US Dollars or Euros as the main form of currency. These will be aimed at a general audience, and will offer a large variety of online casino games.