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Poker in Hong Kong
Poker in Hong Kong is extremely limited. It has only been during the last couple of years that the game has started to become popular there, and even now it is growing very slowly. In principle, for-money poker is allowed among private individuals, as long as the games are unraked.

There have been several attempts at the creation of private, member-only clubs, especially for the American and British expats residing in HK, but these were eventually shut down by the authorities as gambling establishments.

Poker simply has not caught on with local residents of Hong Kong and with such restrictive regulations it is not likely to happen in the future, either.
Online Poker in Hong Kong
A similar situation faces online poker in Hong Kong. While sites exist to discuss the subject of poker, it is illegal for a site to offer for-money online poker games.

Players in Hong Kong who want to play poker online must therefore use sites in other countries. These sites will be international in character, and will not be made specifically for Hong Kong poker players. The sites will, however, offer many varieties of the game, and are a great way for players in Hong Kong to learn about the game of poker.