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Gambling in Hong Kong
Gambling is very popular throughout Hong Kong and has been regulated since 1977. Most forms of gambling, however, are not legal there. The number one legal gambling activity in the territory has been inherited from the British era: namely, betting on horse races. Casino gambling is restricted to some cruise ships.

In spite of this, a recent study suggests that as much as 81% of all adults in Hong Kong have gambled in the past year, making it one of the most gambling nations in the world. While most of this gambling happens at the tracks or in Mahjong parlors, a large percentage of it happens online.

Online Gambling in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, like mainland China, does not permit online gambling, but since it is not able to prevent people from gambling at internet sites hosted in other areas, gambling online is possible and popular. Hong Kong internet gambling happens on casinos and other gambling websites that are hosted in other parts of the world.

Many online gambling sites accept players from Hong Kong, and even offer services in Chinese. The most difficult part about playing at Hong Kong internet gaming sites is finding a way to transfer money, because the government blocks many deposit methods. But there will always be ways to transfer funds, as long as online gambling sites accept players from Hong Kong.