888 Casino Fined for Failing in Gambling Addiction Prevention

888 Fine Gambling Addiction

888 Casino promised to do gambling addiction prevention programs but then they decided taking advantage of the vulnerable makes more profit for them.

I’m not saying that 888 Casino is among the worst online casinos of all time, all I’m saying is that taking advantage of people with gambling addictions just to make a bit more money is kind of pathetic. And 888 as a whole got fined thanks to UK gambling laws because they forgot to respect people with problems.

They failed to respect the rules and they failed to do anything for gambling addiction prevention. That’s why they were given a GBP 7,8 million fine. The reason is because 7,000 people chose to self exclude themselves but yet they were able to access their accounts. Which means that 888 didn’t really do anything for gambling addiction prevention and tried to take advantage of those who were the most vulnerable.

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Of course most online sportsbooks and casinos actually respect the gambling laws and they actually try you help those who need it the most, instead of just trying to break them even more. 888 will have to refund those who made deposits, and 888 will also be obliged to pay further GBP 4,25 million for socially responsible causes.

Are you also fed up with these news? Would you rather join online casino sites in the UK that are actually decent and trustworthy? Then you better check out our list where you can find the best sites to play. We can guarantee you that they do care about gambling addiction prevention and that they actually respect the rules. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be working with them!

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