A Definitive Guide on How to Bet on the World Cup 2014

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The FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest sporting event; this piece will fill you in on everything you need to know on how to bet on the matches.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, the national game of peoples across five of the six continents (Australians prefer Aussie rules football). Its only natural then that the World Cup, the quadrennial meeting of the world’s 32 best national teams, would be the world’s most popular sporting event.

While thousands of football fanatics will pay the EUR 5-6,000 necessary to travel to Brazil to watch the games in person, the majority will turn in on radio or television. ESPN expects 700 million viewers worldwide to tune in for the final match.

As the #1 sporting event, it logically follows that the World Cup is the top draw for sports bettors across the globe. Online sportsbooks in the UK, Europe and North America make a killing each time taking bets on the matches as well as props.

The growing phenomenon that is World Cup betting

Due to growing popularity and rising rates of internet usage and mobile penetration worldwide, betting numbers on the World Cup keep getting bigger and bigger. It is estimated that in 2010 roughly $16.7 billion was wagered worldwide. British bookies alone handled $5 billion.

While those numbers are astounding, most expect the 2014 Cup in Brazil to be even bigger. More people have mobile devices than four years ago, and sports betting is growing in popularity in places like Africa and South Asia.


Before you can enjoy the thrill of placing bets on the World Cup, its important that you get a background on how to bet and what to look for during the Brazil games. Our writing team worked tirelessly to put together a series of pieces covering both the mechanics of betting itself and some topics particular to the Brazil Cup. Tune in, learn, and enjoy:

A Brief Guide to World Cup Betting in 2014

This intro piece is a concise guide on how to get started placing bets. Little things like taking advantage of the mass of opportunities available online and avoiding a home-country bias can make a big difference on the success of your wagers. Follow our four simple World Cup betting tips, and you can be confident about your chances.

Fear of Failure: Can Brazilian Football Succeed Where Politics Failed?

Brazil is one of the world’s most fascinating societies, not least of which because of its fanatical football culture. And while the Brazil World Cup 2014 is shaping up to be a treat, the political situation in the country is not so attractive. This piece will introduce you to some hot-button issues, as well as the Brazilian team’s chances of winning the title.

4 Underdogs to Watch Out for in World Cup 2014

When it comes to online and mobile betting on football matches, punters usually take the safe bet and go with the favorite. While this works most of the time the payouts are small, and lets be honest, its boring.

• In 2010 almost $17 billion was wagered worldwide on the South Africa World Cup; experts predict an even larger number this time around

• Both betting on matches and making prop bets are great ways for punters to get into the action in 2014

• Consider placing money on an underdog—the payout can potentially be huge

Going against the grain and betting on an underdog is much more exciting and can potentially be highly lucrative. But before choosing to do so, take a look at which underdog teams in the World Cup look primed to turn heads in Brazil.

6 Football Prop Bets to Make in World Cup 2014

One of the most fun things about football these days is all of the prop bets you can make. We’ve all seen the Ray Winstone ads for Bet365; you can bet on everything from whether Cristiano Ronaldo will score a winning goal to whether Mario Balotelli will receive a booking for taking off his shirt. This piece will prime you on some World Cup prop bets you should consider making.

Why You Should Pay Special Attention to Sports Betting Addiction During World Cup 2014

While most of the millions who will place bets on the Cup will do so as a harmless leisure activity, the event tends to bring out the worst in problem gamblers. Given the unassuming nature of football betting and over-stimulation from the constant slate of games, many gamblers will lose control.

This piece provides some background as well as advice for how to deal with World Cup gambling addiction. Whether the problem affects you or a loved one, there are plenty of places to seek help.

7 Top Footballers to Watch for in the Brazil World Cup 2014

Part of the joy of the Cup is watching in awe as fantastic athletes showcase their skills on the world’s highest stage. While many hardcore fans care only about whether their cherished team brings home the World Cup Trophy, others tune in primarily to watch their favorite players. These are seven footballers in the World Cup 2014 to keep an eye on.

What Bettors Should Expect to See in World Cup 2014

When you have this many great players, sides and personalities competing in one tournament, there are bound to be many unpredictable moments. When it comes to World Cup 2014 betting, its important to make reasonable predictions. From the outcome of matches themselves to a few other relevant incidents, we’ll highlight a few things we think bettors should look for.

Our Expert Predictions for the World Cup 2014 Podium

This is the one that matters most. Whether you’re a bettor or simply a fan, you’re preoccupied with speculation on the World Cup 2014 results. Our team of football junkies has come up with its own set of predictions for the podium. We’re hoping to see a final match South American showdown between Brazil and Argentina, which could wind up being one of the best final matches ever.

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