Advantages of Live Betting – Cashouts and More


Posted: December 8, 2023

Updated: December 8, 2023

Live betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in the online gambling industry. It gives players the chance to predict the outcome of matches and sport events that have already begun. This way, players can tune in to the game and predict the outcomes based on the performances of individuals or teams. It also may be seen as an advantage to the player, given how well a team/player performs once the sport event has already begun.

If you have placed bets before but are not yet familiar with online gambling, there is much to learn. One of the most popular methods of online gambling is placing live bets. These are wagers on sport events that are taking place at the time of betting. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of live betting.

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An introduction

Live betting is hugely popular in many sports. For some, it may be the fact that they can watch a bit of the game and pick up some signs as to what will happen next in a game. For others, it may be the pure thrill of betting on the action as you watch it. Whatever the reason, here we will explore what the advantages of live betting are.

What is Live Betting

The premise is simple: you will be able to make bets on a game whilst the game is in play. Most of the pregame markets will be available, and they will be offered with live odds. What this means is that the odds will constantly change to reflect what is happening in the game. For example, if a team or a player takes an early lead, you can expect their odds to shorten greatly. The odds on the other team or player in return will greatly lengthen.

Live bets will be available until the final minutes of the game, when the game has practically been determined. This is our policy as the odds we can offer on the team that is winning will be negligible.

Live betting is available for most sports, but there are some where we do not offer live bets. These are sports such as dog racing or horse racing, where the results are determined in the matter of minutes.

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Advantages of Live Betting

Once a game starts, most of the pregame markets will pop up, and they will have the similar odds to those of the pregame markets. These will start changing as the game or match goes on. This is because they are offered with live odds. The odds will constantly update to reflect what is happening on the field, court, track, or pitch. For example, if one team takes the lead in a football match, then the odds of them winning will quickly drop, as they will have a better chance at winning. The same would apply in a Formula One race, where if one driver takes a big early lead, then their odds will shorten.

The odds will constantly change during the event, right up until before the end of the event. In most cases, the best odds are usually available at the start of a game, or before a team, driver, contestant, takes the lead. However, this is not always the case.

An Example

If the favourites in a game of basketball fall behind early on in the game, their odds will lengthen. If you still want to bet on the favourites to win, despite them trailing, they will have much more favourable odds. This can be risky, as if the team cannot come back to win the game, then you will lose.

Some punters prefer to wait for the first minutes of an event to see which team or contestant has come better prepared or looks more likely to win. If they can pick up early indicators, they can place their bets and hopefully win. It is important to note that placing live bets on the result of a game is usually best earlier on. This is because at the end of a game, if a contestant or team is too far in the lead, they will have extremely short odds and even though you will have a strong chance of winning with them, it will not bring back large returns.

How Can I Improve My Live Betting?

There is no proven formula to how you can win with live betting, but there are some things that you can take into consideration. For example: never missing an opportunity.

The favourites will always have shorter odds than the other player or team in a game, but if they go behind early on in the game, then their odds will lengthen. Betting on them to win will be riskier than it was at the start of the game, but it will also bring a unique opportunity to bet on the favourite with longer odds.

For example, if Brazil was to play a match against a lower ranking team such as Venezuela, and went behind after 20 minutes, you can expect their odds to lengthen. If you watch the game or read the statistics and think that Brazil are more likely to still win the game, then you can bet on them to win with the preferable odds.

Tips of Live Betting

Game props are a sure-fire way to go. For example, in football there are many different types of props. These may relate to cards, corners, goals, and much more. Whilst watching a match, if you feel that the players are starting to get frustrated, or one team is playing too aggressively, then you may want to check out what bets you can make on yellow or red cards.

Tips of Live Betting
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If one team is constantly attacking whilst the other team is defending close to their goal, the corners bet may be a good idea. These are always worth considering because sometimes you can find fantastic odds and they may be more straightforward than betting on a team to win.

One final part of live betting that you should check out is what exclusive bets are available. These can be bets on what will happen in the next few minutes of a game. For example, in football you may find bets on which team will score next. This may seem like a simple bet to place, but there are a lot of aspects to consider.

If a team is in the lead and is pressing with a high defensive line, they may not be as quick to defend if the other team makes a counter attack. You may bet on the team that is pressing as they will have a better chance to score anyhow, but all aspects of the game are worth considering when betting on what will happen next in a game.

Rewards of Live Betting

Live betting may take some getting used to for punters who have never tried it before. You must be quick to act when you see some great odds, and you will need to think ahead a lot whilst placing these bets. However, that is not to say that they are not fun. They can be far more engaging than pregame bets. Especially for fans who place pregame bets and then do not watch the game.

What Sports Offer Live Bets?

Live betting is a hugely popular form of betting where you make your predictions during the game. A lot of punters enjoy live betting not only because they can watch the first minutes of a game before making their final predictions, but also because they can be incredibly fun.

If you have a good knowledge of the sport you want to bet on, then you may be able to pick up early indicators as to what may happen, which will only work in your favour. There may also be numerous bets that you cannot find in the pregame markets. These can come at some amazing odds, and some of them can pay out in literally minutes.

Advantages of Live Betting
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You will find that for most sports there is the opportunity to make live bets. Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, snooker, esports, rugby, hockey, and cricket, are only some of the sports in which you will be able to make live bets. These will be offered at the start of the game, and available all throughout the game until the final minutes, when the game or match has all but concluded.

Live Betting Sport Odds

The odds will be similar to the odds offered in the pregame market at the start of the event, but they will immediately start changing. This is to reflect what is happening in the game, and if a team has a great start, then you can expect their odds to shorten very quickly. The odds will be updated in real time, but there will be moments during an event when you will temporarily not be able to make any bets.

For example, in a football match if one team is awarded a penalty, then temporarily you will find that the bets may not be available. If the team scores the penalty, then their odds will shorten and you can place bets on them after the goal has been scored. If the penalty is missed, then their odds are likely to stay the same if not lengthen a little bit.

What Bets are Only Available Live

You will find that most of the pregame markets are available as in game bets. These can include a number of standard bets such as match result, handicaps, total goals or points, and so on. There may also be a handful of bets that are only available as live bets.

For example, when you bet on tennis, then you may find bets for the results or events that happen in the current set or game. These may include bets such as which player will win the current set, what will the exact score be of the current set, will a certain player win the next game, will a certain player win two games in a row, will there be a tie break in the next game, and many more.

Advantages of Live Betting - Cashouts and More
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In games such as football or hockey, where the match is not played in sets or games, you may find slightly different bets. These can be bets such as which team will score the next goal, will a certain team score the next two goals, will there be another goal in the game, will a certain player score next, and so on.

These types of bets vary from sport to sport, but it is always worth keeping an eye on what bets pop up.

Another thing to consider is that some of these bets can pay out extremely quickly. For example, in a game of darts you may bet on how many triple 20s there will be in the next set, how big will the checkout be, and more. If your prediction is correct, then you will receive your returns in literally minutes. The same applies for betting on the next frame in snooker, next game in tennis, next set in volleyball, and so on.

Consideration of Live Betting

Live bets are definitely worth considering if you are an avid sports bettor. They can be more engaging than pregame bets. This is because you can watch all the action as it unfolds and make your predictions in real time. If you do not like the odds of a particular bet, then do not worry, as you can check out what exclusive live bets are on offer.

Advantages of Live Betting – Odds and Cashouts

When you are looking to place bets on certain games or events, then you will find that there are plenty of pregame options at your disposal. These bets can be made from the time that they are made available right until the event starts. Once the event starts, then you will no longer be able to place any pregame bets as the markets will be replaced with live betting markets. Of course, this does not apply to all sports, as some are far shorter than others. Take horse racing for example, some races can last under 2 minutes. These events will not have the possibility for making live bets, but with practically all other games and sports you will find that there are just as many types of bet, if not more in some cases, as the pregame market.

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What is Cashout?

With some markets, you will have a cashout feature. It does not matter if the bet was placed before the event started, or whether it was a live bet, if the market has a cashout feature then you will be able to use it at any time during the event.

This feature allows you to cash out your bet during a game. Depending on whether you are winning your bet or losing, a certain amount of money will be offered and you can decide to cash it out. For example, if you bet on a tennis match and your player wins the first two sets, you may be offered a high cashout, bigger than your stake but less than your potential winnings. You may decide to take the money offered because there is still a chance, albeit small, of losing. If the player loses the next set, then the cashout offered will be significantly less.

If your tennis player lost the first set, then you will be offered a cashout that will likely be smaller than your stake. You may decide to take the money because at least that way you can cut your losses.

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The Bottom Line

The cashout feature, just as the live markets, will be offered for the most part of the event. There may be small moments in the game where the odds or cashout will be recalculated, in which you will not be able to place any bets or take your money.

For example, if a team has a dangerous attack in a football game, or is awarded a penalty, then both functions may temporarily be suspended, until the team either scores or the other team takes possession. This is because the odds have a chance of changing tremendously depending on how the attack or penalty will go.

If you want to try your luck with live betting, head on over to our online sportsbook sites in Indonesia, such as 1xBET Sportsbook, to test how the feature works.

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