Aguero Next Club Odds Indicate La Liga Is His Favorite Destination

  • Barca’s Messi will be happy to welcome Aguero at the Camp Nou
  • Aguero played with Atletico for four seasons
  • Orlando City, LA Galaxy, and New York City might be interested in Aguero
Aguero next club odds
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With the Argentina striker, Sergio Aguero confirmed leaving Manchester City in the summer, all attention is on his next destination. Will he return to La Liga? Or maybe he will decide his European dream is over and he looks to shine in the United States. The options are wide open, but we look at the bookies’ suggestions about Aguero next club odds, to determine the favorites.

Manchester City announced recently their record goalscorer will leave in the summer after a glittering 10-year stay at the Etihad. Aguero is currently 32 years old, but he has been producing at an impressive level, except this season. He suffered from multiple injuries. So, he was able to appear in only 14 games in all competitions of 2020-2021 and scored only one league goal.

Aguero next club odds
Aguero – Кирилл Венедиктов, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

While Aguero faces a tough season, the City flourished with his absence. Therefore, the club saw it as the best time for both parties to seek different paths. Aguero remains a big name in the sport. He won four PL titles, an FA Cup, and five League Cups with the City. What is more, in 2017 he became the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. In other words, Aguero achieved everything with the City except the UCL title.

With Aguero becoming a free agent next June, it is unclear yet what league and club he will join. No official bids have surfaced, but online sportsbooks in Argentina suggest a number of destinations are available for the legend. Aguero’s next club odds are linked to La Liga heavyweights Barcelona and Atletico. Besides, several MLS clubs hope he will be interested to move to the United States. So, here are the top potential destinations for Aguero, and why he will seriously consider these destinations.

Barca’s Messi will be happy to welcome Aguero at the Camp Nou

Aguero next club odds
Messi – Кирилл Венедиктов, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

The mutual friend between Aguero and Barcelona is undoubtedly Lionel Messi. For Aguero to play alongside his countryman in La Liga will be the perfect deal. What is more, the six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi will be very happy to welcome Aguero at the Camp Nou. Such partnership will likely fill the gap of Suarez for Messi.

On the other side, Barcelona seems to be desperately looking into the best way of keeping Messi and solving Suarez’s dilemma. According to former Blaugrana star Rivaldo at online sportsbook news sites in Argentina, Aguero will be a great replacement taking the number 11. Therefore, many bookies including 32Red Sportsbook favor Barcelona for Aguero next club odds with 2.20 value.

Aguero next club odds put Atletico on the shortlist

Before Sergio Aguero moved to the City ten years ago he played four seasons with Atletico Madrid. He has a great history with Atletico and positive emotions towards his former club. Therefore, there are many rumors linking Aguero to return to Atletico. And also the odds are high at 7.00. But Atletico is now very happy with Suarez and they will not be looking for a change any time soon. That is why a partnership between Atletico and Messi is less likely to happen.

A handful of MLS clubs may be interested

Aguero next club odds indicate a move out of Europe to the United States is possible with a 3.00 value. So many reports suggest a handful of MLS sides interested to make a great fit for Aguero. There is Orlando City, a club that welcomed several big names coming straight from England before. There is also LA Galaxy who brought Chicharito and may seek to add Aguero. What is more, New York City FC, a club that is a part of the Man City family, may have an advantage in negotiations if they happen.

PSG is another potential destination

Will Aguero join alongside Di Maria, Paredes, and Icardi? Will we see him being managed by Mauricio Pochettinho? Why not? It is not the first time Aguero is linked to PSG. He emerged as a potential target when PSG sought to bring Mbappe in 2017. He may emerge again especially if PSG fails to win the Champions League and Mbappe decides to leave. Accordingly, Aguero stands at 12.00 to join PSG.

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