It’s Almost Time To Place Your LIII Super Bowl Bet

As the English Premier League gets underway and the likes of Liverpool stamp their mark on the title chase (and Manchester United trip over their own shoelaces) a quick glance across the Atlantic shows the preseason schedule for the NFL grinding itself out ahead of the 2018 regular season openers next month which means it's time to hit up Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US, and back your favorite team, but who is the best Super Bowl bet this year? We take a look.

Super Bowl LIII Bet
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Can the New England Patriots win back the Super Bowl in 2019?
  • Are the Philadelphia Eagles at good Super Bowl bet this time around?
  • Could the Green Bay Packers beat those 9/1 odds to win the season?
  • Will the Pittsburgh Steelers make an impression despite their 10/1 odds?

Eagles fans have not forgotten their stunning win in the last Super Bowl, and indeed seem intent on reminding New England fans at every possible opportunity, however the bookies have thus far pinned their most favored status to the team that came second back in January. On the face of it this is a tad harsh on Philadelphia however the Patriots have a stronger track record and now the motivation of revenge so if you’re going to make a Super Bowl bet and want the lowest odds they’re a no brainer.

Of course the Eagles aren’t far behind. New England might get around 5/1 to win but the Eagles get 9/1 as do the resurgent Green Bay Packers with the Pittsburgh Steelers hard on their heels at 10/1 chased down by the Los Angeles Rams at 11/1 and Minnesota Vikings at 12/1. Given the season hasn’t even started yet those apt to bet on sports in the US and risk a portion of their bank roll on a Super Bowl bet at Bovada, are going to have to follow their gut on this one, as it’s likely to be a very close season.

Do The Patriots Warrant Such Short Odds?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

In the individual divisions bookies like Bovada feel the Patriots are a shoo-in for the AFC East, giving them barely 1/7, and the Steelers probably have the AFC North wrapped up although the Baltimore Ravens are 9/2 behind them, so could have a fight on their hands. The Jacksonville Jaguars are 15/8 to take the AFC South title with rivals the Houston Texans at 2/1, and in the AFC West the Los Angeles Chargers are 9/5 ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs at 10/3, who are themselves a 28/1 Super Bowl bet.

In the NFC East the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys will slug it out, the former at 4/6, the latter at 15/4, and the Packers and Vikings are very closely matched in NFC North with both getting 7/5 to win it. The NFC South is likely to see the New Orleans Saints do well, they’re garnering 9/5 but the Atlanta Falcons get 21/10 and might be worth taking advantage of US gambling laws to wager on. Meanwhile, out in the NFC West, the LA Rams get 4/5 to win the title whilst the San Francisco 49ers get just 7/2.

Find All The Odds For Your Super Bowl Bet At Bovada

Super Bowl LIII

  • Dallas Cowboys – 20/1
  • San Francisco 49ers – 20/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 20/1
  • Atlanta Falcons – 18/1
  • New Orleans Saints – 18/1
  • Minnesota Vikings – 12/1
  • Los Angeles Rams – 11/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 10/1
  • Green Bay Packers – 9/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 9/1
  • New England Patriots – 5/1

Naturally any Super Bowl bet at this stage is quite speculative, with some of the new rule changes and the inevitable changes in personnel in some of the major teams you can’t be at all certain this season will pan out to script, whatever the pundits say, and even if it does right up till that game in Atlanta, Georgia next February the bookies could still have it wrong, and that means there’s a fair shake for regular sports gamblers this season who want to risk a little on the winner of Super Bowl LIII.

Bookies like Bovada might think the Patriots have this one in the bag, but a lot can happen in a season and with the ugly interference of politics in the game, the influence of President Donald Trump magnifying the issues surrounding players taking a knee during the National Anthem for instance, this is unlikely to be a smooth ride for any team, and if you’re in the US gambling news stories of a partisan nature won’t have an effect on performance, think again, your Super Bowl bet may rest upon it.

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