Another Gaming Bill Proposed in Pennsylvania This Year

HB 695 the state of Pennsylvania

Second gaming bill to allow some legalized online gaming activity.

Pennsylvania is once again the fortunate recipient of yet another gaming bill. Pennsylvania State Representative Nick Miccarelli has introduced the new HB 695. Similar to the Payne’s bill that made US gambling news, this new bill will legalize online poker as well various online gaming mentioned in the previous bill.

Miccarelli explained the nature of his proposal by saying “Poker is unlike banking games in many respects that make it best for the introduction of interactive gaming. Poker operators are not participants in the games and are indifferent as to the outcome.”

iGaming is Exclusively Available to Gaming Licences Under HB 695

Licenses for iGaming are the only ones in place currently to take advantage of the new gaming bill. The initial license fee would be $5 million and require operators to pay 14% of the tax on gross gaming revenue. HB 695 will have a “bad actor” clause stopping operators that accepted gaming wager after December 26, 2006 from having a license. This is to reprimand online operators who allow wages against US gambling laws.

Of course the barring of acquiring a license can be avoided if the operator was under a federal or state license at the time. Unfortunately, this won’t help PokerStars in their desire to launch a service. The bill disallows online operators that have been purchased directly or indirectly by a third-party in connection with interactive gaming.

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