Anti-Casino Advocate Wages War on Gambling Indians

Native American casino challenged under Indian Reorganization Act.

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The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act gave the Native American tribes rights over large parcels of land, effectively allowing for self-management and resulting ability to run land-based casinos under the American gambling laws.

This has led to proliferation of Native American-run casinos in the United States. One Indian community, known as Gun Lake Tribe, recently build a casino in the State of Michigan. However, the challenge arose from one anti-gambling advocate, David P., who wants the government to shot down the entire casino.

The challenge, which even troubles Supreme Court Justices, claims that under the Indian Reorganization Act the land handled to the tribe is an illegal move since at the time the act was passed, this particular tribe wasn’t recognized by the government. In addition, Mr. P. claimed that the casino endangers the safety and character of the local community.

The justices will decide in the upcoming months as to whether the casino will be allowed to operate. Unfortunately, the casino operator took a major risk in building the site before the issues were cleared- as the challenge started prior to site completion in early 2011.

Due to very likely legalization of online casinos in United States, some Native American tribes seek to open Internet gambling sites, while retaining their traditional establishments.

This will combine the vacation feel of getting away for the weekend to gamble and dine, while also allowing for the convenience of online or mobile casino gambling . But, for now, the Gun Lake Tribe needs to worry about preserving its complex before even moving online.

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