Argentina Failed to Qualify for World Cup 2018, Is It Possible?


Posted: October 10, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

Should you expect Messi to finally feel the heat for his national team and live up to the expectations all around him, or will Argentina fail to qualify for World Cup after another disappointing World Cup Qualificatoin match?

Argentina failed to qualify for World Cup 2018. It sounds impossible at this moment, but it’s actually possible to happen. And we might actually read this sentence a online sportsbook news sites in Argentina in the next few days: Argentina failed to qualify for world Cup 2018. Messi won’t participate in the World Cup.

Messi missing world Cup 2018 would be a huge bummer for Argentina, as well as for the Argentine crack and let’s face it, to the entire football world. However, Argentina could easily become the biggest team missing World Cup 2018: with only one match left for the World Cup Qualifiers, they are not even in the playoff position… but that can still change.

Colombia and Peru could join forces against Argentina…

Currently, Argentina are laying in the 6th position in the World Cup Qualification. Brazil have already secured its first position in the group and hence easily qualified for the World Cup, and Uruguay is also sure to be there. However, the rest of the positions are still to be decided on the last matchday.

And while it seems unfair and impossible, we should count on Colombia and Peru to hope for the best: if these teams expected Argentina to perform another disappointing match in the last round, we could easily expect them to go for a boring draw. The odds for draw at Peru v Colombia are 3.50 at Unibet Sportsbook.

With a possible draw, Colombia would have a total of 27 points, and Peru would be standing right behind them with 26. Argentina are standing with 25 a the moment, but if they failed to win against Ecuador on away field, they would remain behind both teams in case they tied. So it might not be an impossible idea to bet on Peru v Colombia to tie.

Can Argentina fail against Ecuador?

Of course Argentina will be clear favourites against Ecuador. The odds for Argentina to beat Ecuador will be around 1.35 at online sportsbook sites in Argentina. The odds for Ecuador to beat Argentina will go around 9.00. While it’s not likely for Argentina to lose to Ecuador, we can’t disregard the facts: Argentina failed to win any of their last 4 World Cup Qualifiers.

Does that mean it’s time to bet against Argentina? Should we expect Argentina failing to qualify for World Cup 2018? Should we bet on a draw for Peru v Colombia and another draw for Ecuador v Argentina? It sure would pay a lot of money and it sure would cause a huge upset in the online sportsbook directory.

Argentina failed to qualify for World Cup 2018. We are only one match away from this to happen and if Argentina failed to win again, it would actually become true. Now could be the best time to bet against Argentina because the national team is not living its best days in history. Not even with Lionel Messi…

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