As Much as He Backs Himself, would You Bet on Pogba to Top Assists?

Bet on Pogba to top assists

If dancing comes after the goal is scored, you know Paul Pogba is going to be up for it. With 9 Premier League assists already, a bet on Pogba to top assists could see the French international light up his season.

As the French international tops the assists charts levelled by Kevin de Bruyne and Leroy Sane of Manchester City, we take a deeper look into the statistics behind those goals-passes. Online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom has the data behind the top assisters:

  • Paul Pogba has assisted 9 in 13 games with 3 goals to his name (Manchester United)
  • Kevin De Bruyne has 9 assists in 23 games with 6 goals (Manchester City)
  • Leroy Sane has 9 assists in 21 games with 7 goals (Manchester City)
  • Dele Alli has 7 assists in 22 games with 5 goals (Tottenham)

Why to bet on Pogba to top assists in the league?

There are two strong factors behind Paul’s fortunes to finish the season as the leading playmaker. From his own accord and from his competitors correspondence. The French international’s statistics are the highest in the league when looking at how many minutes he has played to how many goals he has created. His performances and motivations are clear.

Unlike how Manchester United’s movement and creativity flow through Pogba, his closest rivals in City’s squad have played far more games and have a different footballing philosophy. Manchester City’s footballers create chances all over the pitch and do not heavily rely on one player for all the creation on the pitch leaving the assists being shared out by each individual.

Bet on Pogba

Paul’s motivation

From the moment Pogba assists a goal, he always knows if he is playing the ball to one of his dancing mates and they finish, a dancing celebration has to be shown to a full stadium. The usual suspects are Jesse Lingard and Romelu Lukaku to join in on the swag show.

Premier League Top Assists Betting Odds

Online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom have marked Pogba second only to De Bruyne to finish the league season as the most creative goal-assistant. Find out all the betting odds:

  • Kevin De Bruyne: 2/1
  • Paul Pogba: 4/1
  • Leroy Sane: 4/1
  • Dele Alli: 8/1

How Does Paul make United Shine

Carrying the hefty price-tag to his name was always going to get to his head. After a season to settle down, Paul Pogba is now showing the signs and justifying the expensive sum when he transferred from Juventus in summer, 2016. If you are keen to put a bet on Pogba to top assists for the 2017/18 season, do so at Unibet Sportsbook!

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