Australia Reveals Comprehensive Research on Gambling Preferences

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Gambling in Australia is more than just a common pastime, it can be considered a national sport as they are the most ardent gamblers.

Research conducted by H2 Gambling Capital revealed that they spend over $1,000 on gambling every year, narrowly beating the second placed Singaporeans.
Aussies spend$17.52 on average on a regular week’s worth of betting. This figure is higher than what they spend on other products, as they shell out $10.99 on alcohol and $15.27 on gasoline.

A comprehensive study backed by the government titled “Gambling research Australia”,showcased just how active the sport is on the continent. Research involved 15,000 people through telephone survey in 2011 and nearly 4,600 online participants.

The results were astonishing, as active gambling participation rate stood at nearly 2/3 of all the participants. 64% of participants acknowledged they gamble on a regular basis, while 8% engaged in at least one form of mobile casino gambling.

Gamblers’ profiles

The research also showcased that online gamblers were predominantly males (62% telephone survey, 77% online survey). They also had a mean age of 39, suggesting that these gamblers are rather experienced.
Players that actively play mobile casinos in Australia, view internet gambling as far more positive than traditional forms of gambling.

Online sports and race betting are among the most popular items to bet on. Lotteries and poker are other popular betting preferences.
The primary reason why people prefer online betting, as opposed to traditional gambling, has to do with the convenience of the betting itself.
Additionally, odds are generally more preferential on mobile sites than on land based gaming operations.

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