Australian Orica-AIS rider, Gracie Elvin, Hopes To Win Races That Suit Her Strengths This Spring

Gracie Elvin, Australian pro rider

Elvin’s dream is to make it from the top 10 to the top 3 so she can at last step up on the podium in Europe.

Twenty-six year-old Gracie Elvin is not quite yet at the height of her career but the vivacious rider has her eyes set on the spring classics as a part of the Orica-AIS racing team. She is focusing on her personal success as well as leading the team. Elvin just finished an intense 13 race days in Europe. She also recently completed in the Ladies Tour of Qatar, preceded by a stint of summer cycling in Australia.

• Elvin’s teammates think her racing is exemplary
• Two in a row Aussie road race winner backed by Orica-AIS riders
• Elvin has won back-to-back Australian national road titles

Elvin still hasn’t yet attained her physical pinnacle as a rider but since 2000 she has been one of the most successful riders in the women’s peloton. Elvin admits that she has set very high standards for herself which means she puts herself under a lot of pressure. She knows people are betting on her under Australian gambling laws, in her native country. She was disappointed that she didn’t make it to the podium results in the spring. She did however manage to make it to the top ten.

As an athlete Elvin pushes herself to work harder

Elvin remains positive that she will reach her goals in the second half of the season as she is quite prepared has seen improvement in performance year after year. Also, the Australian has realized that as the level of competition increases in the women’s peloton, this makes it quite difficult to even get into the top ten. Elvin has a good track record as online sportsbook fans have observed and she has a good feeling when she is racing on her bike. The racer strives to do her best so she can in turn provide adequate support to her team.

She feels that if she is confident in her output then it will make her a stronger person to improve upon her performance. Elvin says “Even just looking at my data files, I’m going stronger than I’ve ever gone before so it just goes to show that women’s cycling is just getting stronger and stronger and the level pretty high. It’s cool to be a part of that even though it’s frustrating I haven’t been able to get the results I wanted”.

Elvin has confidence in each of her team mates

Even though Orica-AIS still hasn’t yet won a medal in Europe this season, Elvin is quick to defend her team. 2015 has brought a lot of alterations to the team. Board members, for , have changed. Also team members have been injured, including Emma Johansson who broke a collarbone. These events have contributed perhaps to what may seem like weakness in the team.

However Elvin insists that the team prides themselves in what they are achieving in the races so far. Some new girls have also joined the team which has had riders like herself, Loes Gunnewijk and Johansson bolstering them to excel. The new girls include Alexandra Manly and Macey Stewart, who are both just 19. It seems they are quick learners and is a pleasure to work with.

Not a natural born leader

Elvin frowning
Elvin confessed to Australian gambling news reporters that she has had to adjust to the role of leader. Elvin relishes her leadership person even though she is usually on the quiet side. She said “I’m not a born boss in a way but I am trying to lead by example….I also feel I can share some good advice on what I’ve picked up along the way…. It’s not something that I am perfect at but it’s definitely been a fun challenge and one I’ve enjoyed it so far”.

Elvin has so far won the bay crits competition scenario in Australia. When she gets back to Europe, where she resides in Varese, in the north of Italy, she hopes to possibly ace the two stage races that are coming up. There is the Women’s Tour of Britain followed 4 weeks later by the Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen coming up. Last year, Elvin rode the La Course one-day race of the Tour de France on the Champs-Élysées and is aspiring to do so again.

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