Baseball Betting Strategies: The 2 Best Tactics to Win


Posted: July 2, 2021

Updated: July 2, 2021

  • Yes, the rules of baseball are hard to understand.
  • But don't underestimate the advantages of baseball betting!

Baseball is a team sport with a baseball and bat. Each team has nine players (sometimes ten). The game lasts nine innings, meaning both teams attack and defend nine times. For those who have recently become acquainted with this sports game and want to apply their knowledge when playing in a bookmaker’s office, we explain the main features and nuances that must be taken into account. So let’s find out what are the best baseball betting strategies!

Before diving into popular baseball strategies, be aware that there are 162 matches of each of the participating teams in a league season (MLB). Playoffs are also played. The variety of betting strategies is not as rich as in some other sports, but there is something to bet on at any time. Few consider this sport to be profitable. The reason is difficult rules. However, if you take the time and study the game of one of the clubs, analyze the performance of the hitters and pitchers, then you will get another source of bank replenishment. Moreover, baseball bets are available 7 months a year. This is how long the season lasts. Check out the online sportsbook sites in the US which offer a huge amount of bets on baseball.

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Betting on Baseball – Exotic or Profitable Business?

Baseball is a sport that most people have learned about from American movies and from the equipment that has taken root in our society, unlike baseball itself. But seriously, many bettors have long noticed the advantages of betting on such competitions, which bookmakers usually add to the number and do not bother with the formation of odds. This is a very promising sport for betting, if you use the right baseball betting strategies, which we will  discuss further.

1. Moneyline Betting Strategy

Let’s start with winning bets, which in America they call Moneyline. They bet, usually, taking into account the handicap, and therefore, that one of the opponents is ahead of the other in terms of the number of points in the 6th or 8th inning. There is no concept of a draw in this form. If the score is equal, they play extra innings. In the case of a pass, the payment of the winnings is made via the money line (Moneyline). Unlike other sports, in baseball, the favorite and the underdog are not very different from each other. Statistically, the worst club in the league wins 40 percent of the season in a season, while the league winner rarely wins 60 percent. This factor makes the game unpredictable.

Baseball Betting Strategies
Let’s play!

2. The Pitcher Decides

A pitcher is a defensive player. It depends on him whether the team wins. It is a very common baseball betting strategy to bet on a pitcher. In the betting line, you can see the pitcher’s surname next to the club name. And if suddenly they replace him, or does not enter the field at all, the bookmaker will void the bets. If the teams write the name of the pitcher next to the odds, be sure to evaluate the condition of this athlete and the pitching technique. Online gambling sites in the US can help you to find the best betting platforms to bet on the best  baseball betting strategies.

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After all, the dynamics of the whole game depend on the actions of the pitcher. The fight is based on a duel between a pitcher and a catcher. The player’s task is to feed the projectile as hard as possible to complicate the task for the catcher. Unlike other sports, in baseball, individual skill matters a lot. Therefore, this strategy is based on an assessment of the condition and manner of play. However, you shouldn’t focus solely on starting pitchers. These pitchers usually don’t play after the first 6 innings. After that, reservists replace them. So don’t get hung up on starting pitchers. Evaluate the strength and pitch of the reserve athletes. After doing all your research based on our baseball betting strategies, you can place your bet on Intertops.

So these were the 2 best baseball betting strategies. If you want to learn more about baseball betting strategies, you can also check our article about baseball betting strategies for beginners.

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