Belated Present Recipient Becomes Jackpot Lottery Winner

  • Maryland Woman Wins $500,000 From Belated Birthday Gift
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  • A Greek Birthday Celebration Wards Off Egyptian Evil Spirits 
Jackpot Lottery Winner
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Siblings always have a complex relationship. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but most of the time its somewhere in between. As in progressive jackpot lotteries, small things, like forgetting a sibling’s birthday, can matter. They can cause long running feuds. However, for Elizabeth Coker-Nnam her brother’s inattention paid off. A jackpot lottery winner, she gained $500,000 from what appears, on the face of it, the most sloppy and half-hearted birthday gift ever given by anyone.  

Birthday celebrations are not a new thing. The Egyptians were mentioning them as far back as 3000BC, albeit in reference to the birth of a god. Pretty much as soon as ancient cultures started paying attention to moon cycles there were birthday celebrations. Strangely, perhaps, given how we now celebrate, these were wary occasions. You didn’t feel like a jackpot lottery winner on your birthday as some kids do now. Oh no. Your birthday wasn’t a particularly good day at all.

The ancient Egyptians, and the cultures like the Greeks that took on this birthday tradition, believed evil spirits lurked. Your birthday attracted them. Made you vulnerable to them. That’s why they lit candles to ward them off. Just like the ones people put on their cakes today. Perhaps that’s why Elizabeth wasn’t visited by evil spirits but by the luck fairy. After all, she’s a lottery jackpot winner thanks to a birthday gift, proving perhaps the best lottery to play is one you don’t enter.

Brother Bestows Birthday Lottery Win 

Now we have all, in a rush and perhaps pressed for cash, bought rubbish gifts for people. Those flowers from the gas station, the chocolates from Duty Free, that gaudy mug from your holidays. We either run out of time, inclination or money and settle for anything to stop the torture of having to shop. Still. A scratch card? Much as it’s fun to bestow the hope of becoming a lottery jackpot winner on someone, it’s a bit……er……low rent, isn’t it? It’s hardly thoughtful.

“I screamed! He screamed! We both screamed!”

  • Elizabeth Coker-Nnam – Jackpot Lottery Winner

Still, perhaps Elizabeth and her brother have that sort of relationship. He was already late with a gift so perhaps it was more the thought that counted. You never know. He certainly couldn’t have known that the scratch card he bought her would win. She’s now a $500,000 lottery jackpot winner thanks to that gift. Of course, he claims he wouldn’t have given it to her if he’d known it was going to win. Something even the best lotto jackpot reviews can find charming enough.

Jackpot Lottery Winner
Good luck!

Maryland Woman Becomes Jackpot Lottery Winner

They were even on the phone with each other when she scratched it off. Just how ‘made-for-TV’ is that? Until then, some weeks after her actual birthday, she’d forgotten about it. Of course, the new lottery jackpot winner was quite surprised when she won, but perhaps not so much as her brother. He accompanied her to collect her massive winnings and should now expect quite the birthday gift himself. You never know, his sister might even take the trouble to get it to him on time. 

“If I’d known it was that, I’d have kept it.” 

  • Elizabeth’s brother

So, what can we learn from this latest lottery jackpot winner? That one shouldn’t forget a gift horse simply because it’s down in the mouth? That the best lottery jackpots can fall into your lap? Well perhaps. Unfortunately perhaps the best lesson one can learn from this instance is that it’s quite long odds anyone will appreciate you forgetting their birthday. Indeed you’ve better odds on winning the lottery at Lotto Agent. So this year, don’t forget, and put some thought into it.

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We take a look at how one woman became a jackpot lottery winner after her brother bought her a birthday scratch card late.

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