Best Miss Finland 2019 Odds Point on Riikka Uusitalo to Take the Crown

  • The top-3 ladies for the Miss Finland’s title are revealed
  • Riikka Uusitalo from Helsinki leads the best odds
  • Emmi Suuronen is the main underdog of the 2019 Miss Suomi
Best Miss Helsinki 2020 Odds
Contestants are getting excited

This year’s Miss Finland contest can boast of 10 beautiful finalists from all over the country but there will be only one best of the best. According to the latest Miss Finland 2019 odds, a 25-years-old Riikka Uusitalo is the most reliable contestant to bet on.

Besides Uusitalo, another three women have the highest chances to take the winner’s crown. Follow online sportsbook news in Finland to learn the girls’ names who could represent Finland at 2019 Miss Universe. The final results will be announced on September 28 in Billnäs and will be broadcast live.

Anni Harjunpää has the third-highest chances to take the crown

Anni Harjunpää from Sastamala can be the next Miss Finland with the possibility of 4/1. The 23-years-old woman can win people’s hearts this September with a typical Cinderella-story. She grew up in a small town, then moved to a big city and started working as a sales advisor. However, her dreams are not restricted by selling clothes. Anni wants to be a designer and feels she has a talent for making her dream come true. The victory in Miss Suomi can significantly help Harjunpää to turn her life in a complete fairytale.

Sonja Länsivuori is the runner-up on this year’s Miss Suomi 

A 21-years-old Sonja Länsivuori is the second most possible contestant to win the crown. The young lady’s Miss Finland 2019 odds are 5/2 on the best sportsbook sites in Finland. Länsivuori reached the grand final as one of the main candidates for the title.

As a designer by avocation, Sonja Länsivuori amazed both the jury and viewers with a self-made dress in the semi-final. The model doesn’t plan to repeat this trick again but her creativity and artistic skills won’t go amiss in the final. According to polls, people like Sonja for her positive attitude which is a large plus while it comes to the country’s beauty queen.

Miss Finland 2019 odds say that Riikka Uusitalo leads the top-10

Riikka Uusitalo, 25, is the number 1 candidate to win Miss Suomi 2019. The lady is the most reliable contestant to bet on, according to Unibet Sportsbook. The odds on her victory in the beauty pageant are 7/4 on this website and other sportsbooks in Finland as well.

Considering Uusitalo as the favorite is reasonable as she won the semi-final of Miss Finland with the majority of votes. The model also won the audience’s hearts with an amazing break-off. She gained 48% by the readers’ voting on the local newspaper’s poll, which is way more than her closest rival. Moreover, Uusitalo participated in different beauty pageants before, so her experience & skills in expressing herself can play for her in the grand final. 

Emmi Suuronen can be the dark horse of Miss Finland 2019

Emmi Suuronen, 25, is probably the main underdog of the upcoming Miss Suomi pageant. This lady is not among the favorites of the bookmakers. Her Miss Finland 2019 odds are just 9/1, which she shares with two other girls. However, Emmi won the 2nd place on IS magazine poll and have an army of fans in Finland. Her main jokers are her positiveness, workaholism (she is an architect) and beauty, of course.

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