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Sports Betting in Finland

There are two government-run companies in Finland that hold a monopoly over all sports betting in the country, as of January 2017. On the mainland, Fintoto controls horse race betting, while Veikkaus deals with sports gambling. All revenue from horse racing is given to Suomen Hippos, a Finnish horse breeding organization. Profits from other forms of sports gambling go to Finnish sports teams and sports facilities.

Online Sports Betting in Finland

The two state companies that have a joint monopoly over betting in Finland all have their online sportsbooks, as of January 2017. Veikkaus was the first to launch a full suite of sports betting games over the internet back in 1999. In May 2002, horse race betting company Fintoto also launched its own services.

Finns who are not content playing at the domestic online sportsbooks are still in possibility to use foreign internet betting sites, although there are announcements that this situation might change during 2017, with the introduction of new measures for protecting the state monopoly.