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Lotto in Finland

The Lotteries Act in 2001, guaranties the monopoly of Veikkaus, as the sole lottery provider in Finland. Veikkaus was established in 1940 and has been organizing gambling games ever since they have been founded. They make hundreds of millions of Euros, with which they support several important parts of the country. For example, in 2010, the Ministry of Education received EUR 462.7 million from the gambling provider.

Veikkaus is responsible for launching the all the lottery games in Finland. They run 20 different games, out of which, the National lottery game is the most popular one as well as the multinational Viking Lotto. This game creates more than 33% of the total income of Veikkaus, and gives away huge cash prizes every week to the players.

Online Lotto in Finland

Veikkaus runs also all online lotto games in Finland, as of January 2017. Beside the typical lotto games Veikkaus also provides popular casino game on offer. There is no possibility for accessing foreign lotto sites from Finland as the government is active in protecting the state monopoly by blocking the access to foreign lotto websites.