Best Rugby Teams In 2022 – Reviewing The World Ranking


Posted: September 25, 2022

Updated: September 25, 2022

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As you are waiting for the Rugby World Cup 2023 odds event to begin, you can learn more about the world of Rugby. Because obviously, you want to know the best Rugby teams to bet on. However, we have already shared the most important information with you. Therefore, sometimes betting on the underperforming Rugby team to lose, or to win unexpectedly is the key to being a successful bettor. However, in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 list of best rugby teams in 2022.

Therefore, as we are getting closer and closer to 2023, it seems that this ranking is not going to change anytime soon. However, it will give us a good idea about the performance of the teams in the early 2023 tournaments. Without further ado, let’s review these teams. If you want to place a bet, please register at any of the online gambling sites in Papua New Guinea

1. Ireland – British & Irish Lions – Best Rugby Teams In 2022

Let’s start our list of the best rugby teams in 2022 with the absolute best. Because the Irish Rugby Team, better known as the British & Irish Lions is topping the charts this year. Therefore, they have 90.03 points, with the next being 1.39 points behind Ireland. Therefore, they are ten points away from statistical perfection. According to Irish Rugby, they are not planning to lose momentum in their success. Because they are already switching their roster around, giving chances to talented rugby players. Therefore, they will pull out newer and newer tricks against their opponents. This is why Ireland will always top the charts no matter what. Bet on their next match at ReloadBet Sportsbook.

2. France – Les Bleus

The team of Les Bleus is the official rugby team of France in international tournaments. No wonder why France is among the best rugby teams to bet on. Because they are the only team at the moment who could legitimately compete with the performance of Ireland. Standing just 0.41 points above South Africa, they deserve all the recognition, even if their performance is just slightly less.

Therefore, the France team will always be a solid pick to bet on. With their latest addition of Raphaël Ibañez as the new coach of the team. France will not likely improve on their already amazing performance. However, Ibanez will not allow the team to slack off and fall behind South Africa this year. This is why they are one of the best rugby teams in 2022. Because they can hold their 2nd place easily.

3. South Africa – The Springboks

Even if we already have spoken about how South Africa is worse than France. They still deserve the praise as the 3rd best team in the world. Because the Springboks have been performing extremely well in the 2022 season.

The reason why they belong to the best rugby teams in 2022 is the fact that they have been defeating almost every single team in the test. Therefore, the 18 September 2022 records state that South Africa had a positive (above 50%) win rate against all regions, except New Zealand. Because against New Zealand they had only a 36.58% win rate.

4. New Zealand – The All Blacks – Best Rugby Teams In 2022

Everyone keeps asking the same question every year: Why is New Zealand so good at rugby? We can’t explain. The New Zealand Rugby team is called “The All Blacks” and they are dressed in all black. Furthermore, they are immersed in their cultural warrior performance at the start of every single match.

This way, they have channeled their strengths against their opponents to remain the fourth most successful and best rugby teams in 2022. They have 87.22 points on the ladder. Which means that they are almost one full point above England.

5. England – Red And Whites

If you follow cricket and every other international sport, then you might smile when looking at this one. Because England is just successful in every single sport they begin. Furthermore, they always have a solid place, even if it’s among the worst teams. However, Rugby is the sport that keeps England from being too much or too little.

Because the Red and Whites are wearing the red rose emblem proudly while being in the middle of the best rugby teams in 2022. They always are the team to explain their opinions to other teams. Because they are legit enough to beat almost all teams in the competition. And the guys they can not beat? Well, England perfectly understands why they can not beat them.

6. Scotland – The Thistle

The Scotland Thistle is not one of the best rugby teams of all time. However, they have a consistent place among the best rugby teams in 2022. Because the Thistle have not been winning any world championships. Nor have they ever seen a second place.

The highest place they had ever been was fifth. And their most outstanding victory was the iconic 100-8 victory against Japan in 2004. Ever since Scotland has been on a static decline. Having a solid place among the stars, this is one of the shooting stars of rugby. It’s in the sky, it’s bright, but it is slowly falling to eventually crash.

7. Wales – The Dragons

Now talking about the Wales Dragons is entirely different. The symbol of three feathers is no stranger to decorating stadiums. Because the Wales team have been World Champions before, with a 1st place on the world rankings. Therefore, Wales is legitimately one of the best rugby teams in 2022. They were World Champions in 2019, and the lowest ranking they have acquired was 10th in 2007. Therefore, Wales is not like Scotland when it comes to success. Because Wales will almost remain on the top. Bet on Wales to win the 2023 World Championship at ReloadBet Sportsbook.

8. Argentina – The Pumas

The Los Pumas are nowhere near their 2007 and 2015 glory years. Therefore, they have fallen off from a solid and consistent third and fourth place to eighth place. The reason behind their falling off? No one exactly knows. Maybe it is just the fact that other countries have better team play, strategy, and overall muscle mass.


9. Australia – The Wallabies

According to the Daily Mail, Australia will not enjoy the 2022 season. People accuse Mathieu Raynal that he cost Australia the Rugby Championship. Therefore, even if they are one of the best rugby teams in 2022. They were not the best betting pick for sportsbook bettors. Because they have had many dramas and bad decisions. In the coming year, they will have to say their goodbyes to a few players, and change their whole strategies.

Because the Wallabies are one of the teams who do not deserve their 9th rank. Most of the time, Australia could reach fifth if not fourth rank. But in the last year, they were only in 9th place on the list. Because they only have an 80.72 score. This is a 9.20 score 9.20, less than Ireland’s score. 

10. Japan – The Cherry Blossoms – Best Rugby Teams In 2022

The Cherry Blossoms are one of the prides of Japan when it comes to sports. However, they are not as good as you might expect them to be. Scoring the 10th-best rugby team in 2022 is a positive achievement. However, the reason why they are lacking compared to other teams is simple.

According to Planet Rugby, the team coach Jamie Joseph says that they have to tweak their tactical approach next year. Because Japan has been using outdated and easy-to-outplay strategies during 2022. If they keep on doing this in 2023, they might fall out of the top 10.

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