Best Valencia v Barcelona Betting Odds – Who will come out as a Winner?

best Valencia v Barcelona betting odds

It is the match that all of us are eagerly waiting in Spanish La Liga. Wait it is not the traditional El Clasico one that we all used to think of it as the most exciting game in La Liga. Well, maybe El Clasico remains the most exciting game of all time, but we have this season a new fierce rival Valencia, and they will host Barcelona at Mestalla. Do not miss the match and check out the best Valencia v Barcelona betting odds.

4 points separate the two teams now in Spanish La Liga. Both of them are unbeaten for 11 matches. The only other team in La Liga that enjoys such privilege is Atletico Madrid, while the rest of the teams have been defeated at least twice or more.

So will we witness a first defeat in Spanish La Liga for Barcelona or Valencia? If you check best Valencia v Barcelona betting odds at BetVictor Sportsbook, Barcelona still has a great chance to beat Valencia at Mestalla. The odds for Barcelona to win the match are 3/4. While the odds for the match to end in a draw or in a victory for Valencia are 16/5.

Should we expect Valencia to surprise us?

That will certainly not be an easy turnout for Valencia to win the match. Although they extended winning streak to eight matches to keep pace with Barcelona, their guests are just doing great with winning streak of ten matches and only one draw with Atletico Madrid.

According to online sportsbooks in Spain both teams have great shot conversion rates. Valencia is on the top of La Liga, scoring 30 goals out of 106 shots on target, and they slightly got ahead of Barcelona, which scored 30 goals out of 126 shots on target.

Such great performance in attack by the both teams means that we should expect lots of goals. The best Valencia v Barcelona betting odds at BetVictor Sportsbook for both teams to score are 2/5.

When you think of best Valencia v Barcelona betting odds, who to pick Messi or Zaza?

Lionel Messi is a little bit tired of chasing victories for Barcelona alone, especially in time where his fellow Suarez is not scoring enough these days, and also in time where Valverde is still unsuccessful in plugging the gap after Demebele’s injury.

Best Valencia v Barcelona Betting Odds

However according to online sportsbook news he scored 12 goals this season. So maybe the skies have cleared for Messi at Barcelona, and he can enjoy scoring as much as he wish in time where there is no other reliable forward in Barcelona to share with Messi.

On the other hand Simone Zaza will certainly aim to score from Valencia’s side in order to catch up Messi in the competition on La Liga top scorer. If you think Zaza will make Valencia win the match then place your bet at BetVictor Sportsbook on Valencia.

It will definitely be a very difficult match for both teams. Thus this match will make either Valencia one step closer to La Liga title, or it will make Barcelona soar comfortably to the top of La Liga.

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