Presenting 3 of the Bookie’s Favorite X-Factor Group in 2017

the bookie’s favorite X-Factor group

X-Factor is great platform for anyone including teenagers, regular office peeps or older people; who dream of becoming famous singers. For this year’s X-Factor, which group do you think is going to advance furthest in the show? Here is the list of our 3 bookie’s favorite X-Factor group:

1. The Cutkelvins

Let’s kick off our list with The Cutkelvins. The trio is actually siblings from Lanark, Scotland. And you guessed right, Cutkelvin is their family name!
Kyle and Jay are the big brothers along with Sheera who is the lead singer. Apart from singing and rapping, the brothers also have talents in DJ-ing and piano playing as well. The Cutkelvins are better known for their remixes of popular songs.

According to online sports betting sites in the UK, the odds for The Cutkelvins family are at (10/1). They are among top 3 of the bookie’s favorite X-factor group of 2017. Even though they may not be the strongest in terms of rating; there is a potential for them to do better in the upcoming weeks.

2. Sean and Conor Price

It seems that family group is a trend in 2017. The bookie’s favorite X-Factor group would not be complete without Sean and Conor Price. The two Irish brothers are only 17 and 15 years old, respectively.

If you don’t know it to begin with, you might mistake them for the ‘twin duo’ because of their similar features and dazzling smiles. The only way you can differentiate them is by looking at the guitar and you’ll know that the one holding it is Sean.

Sean and Conor Price have it all; the star quality including their faces and voices. If you want proof, they receive support from many fans and voters. The duos’ popularity in social media brings them the odds of (8/1) according to the latest online gambling news.

3. Rak-Su

Your strongest bet is right here with Rak-Su who have the highest odds at (1/12). So what are you waiting for? Head to online gambling sites in the UK and place your bets now!
Do you wonder what Rak-Su mean? The origin of the name comes from the phrase “Tracks vs Suits” according to the group’s website. It’s supposed to signify the decision over singing vs adult life, thus the suits. What a creative name indeed!

The group started their legacy in Watford, England. The 4 members have known each other since they were little and they are: Ashley (Rapper, Songwriter, Poet) Jamaal (Singer, Songwriter) Myles (Rapper, Producer) and Mustafa (DJ, Dancer, Beatboxer).

Perhaps the best edge that Rak-Su have is their original songs. Not only that, but all their songs are catchy with a taste of R&B mixed with Hip-Hop. If this doesn’t convince you, we have more facts. They have also won the public vote twice in the weekly contests!

Could Rak-Su be the group winner following the path of Little Mix? We’ll know the results soon enough in the beginning of December, 2017. In the meantime, go ahead and bet on the bookie’s favorite X-Factor group at Paddypower Sportsbook!

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