Will New Jersey Make the History of Legal Sports Betting in USA?

legal sports betting in USA

Will the sports betting ban continue? Or is it time for it to perish? Soon, the fate of legal sports betting in USA will be decided by the US Supreme Court! The story started exactly 25 years ago.

Legal Sportsbetting in the USA

In July 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA was passed which became part of the gambling laws in USA. This Act banned all types of sports betting in USA except for 4 states including: Oregon, Delaware, Montana and Nevada.

The funny thing is New Jersey and other states actually had a chance of to apply for sports betting legalization until 1993, but missed the one-year window.

Since 2011, Governor of New Jersey State Chris Christie has been appealing to many courts to repeal the PASPA. The strongest argument made against this Act is: it defies the constitution of the United States. It is discriminating among the states by making sports betting legal in 4 states while the other 46 states are banned.

Nevada, one of the legal states, earns 5 billion USD as revenue from sports betting every year. What’s more? Illegal sports betting amounts to over 100 billion USD per year. That money, if well-regulated, could bring the government massive income in terms of tax.

So recently, the US Supreme Court decided to hear the sports betting in early December. The future of legal sports betting in the USA has yet to be determined.

Supported By 20 States and NBA So Far

According to online gambling news in USA, almost 20 states filed a document to the US Supreme Court, highlighting their strong interest in legal sports betting in USA. In other words, these states including West Virginia, Texas and Arizona are ready to support New Jersey’s argument.

Legal Sportsbetting in the USA

Not to mention NBA, whose stance clearly shows that they are all for legalizing sports betting. NBA Senior Vice President Dan Spillane said in Sports Betting USA Conference that they are ready to start discussions about this issue so that Congress members will be more receptive.

What is to Come After Legal Sports Betting in the USA?

Governor Chris promised that if it’s approved, legal sports betting will become effective in New Jersey within 7-10 days. Of course, many states will follow NJ’s lead. On top of that, many new online sports betting sites in USA will boom!

However, the 4 monopoly states will lose their competitive advantage in the sports betting scene. And the illegal sports betting industry will slowly disappear.

All of this will mark the new era of legal sports betting in USA, if sports betting in the USA becomes legal that is.


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