Bet on Coutinho to Sign for Barca in January 2018

Coutinho to sign for Barca

The January 2018 transfer window is coming closer, and the possibility has resurrected for Philippe Coutinho to leave the Reds for good. Rumors started to spread again all over the news on Coutinho to sign for Barca in the winter market. Do you think it will happen eventually?

According to online sportsbook news Catalan giants are expected to renew their interest to sign the 25-year-old playmaker in anytime soon. The new offer for Liverpool will probably be more convincing this time. So you can raise your expectations and place your bet for Coutinho to sign for Barca in the winter break.

We all followed what happened in the summer on online sportsbook news, and how the deal was supposed to be sealed in last minute, after Coutinho attempted to force a move himself, making it clear to Liverpool that his desire was to leave for Camp Nou, but the Premier League club held firm to keep their man.

Does Coutinho worth all the effort?

Certainly he does worth a lot. Coutinho had tremendous progress during his past 4 years with Liverpool. He is essential in Liverpool’s first team, and he holds number 10 with the Reds. So no doubt that he does worth a lot of money and this is his time to collect trophies on the European level.

Coutinho was able to show that he is very professional when he returned to Jurgen Klopp’s side after a back injury. He was all focus with no distraction by his failed transfer attempt to leave. Coutinho scored two goals in Champions League and netted another two goals in the Premiere League with Liverpool this season, and that will make Barca even more interested to increase their bid when transfer window opens.

If Coutinho to sign for Barca will not happen, will another team pick him up?

Couthino to sign for Barca

Philippe Couthino (source:

Frankly there are no signs yet, according to online sportsbooks in the UK that if the battle will be lost again for Coutinho to sign for Barca in the upcoming weeks other clubs will approach the Reds. We should not underestimate how vibrant the European market is, but Barca’s pockets are filled with lots of money, partly thanks to Neymar’s leave, and it will be very difficult for other clubs to compete.

If you believe that Barca will sign him in no matter what, then place your bet comfortably on Coutinho to sign for Barca. Best place to do so is at BetVictor Sportsbook. The betting odds are 3/1 for Barcelona, and the betting is open until February 4th.

However if you think he will stay in the Premiere League, then maybe Chelsea is the club that you should choose at BetVictor Sportsbook. The odds are 10/1 for Chelsea to be Coutinho’s next destination. Chelsea did not make any move yet according to online sportsbooks in the UK, but who knows, transfer market is always full of surprises.

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