Bet on Australian Politics: Queensland State Elections Odds

Queensland Elections Odds

If you are wondering what’s up next in the Australian politics, we are glad to give you a glance on the next crucial event that you should consider to place your bet on. It is the 2017 Queensland election. If you are interested to bet on Australian politics, grab the chance and check out the Queensland state elections odds.

The political structure of the Commonwealth of Australia is not complicated. Here you are a review in a nutshell. Australia is a federation of six states, and each state is semi-autonomous. It has its own parliamentary elections and its own executive authority.

Why the Queensland state elections are important for Australian politics? Well, simply because the state is the second largest and third most populous state in Australia, with almost 5 million people. Queensland is home to 10 of Australia’s 30 largest cities, and its capital Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city.

According to online sportsbooks in Australia Queensland is the nation’s third largest economy. It contributes more than 10% to the Australian GDP, and it is one of only three states to do so. So we all can agree that Queensland is one of most important states to Australia, and to bet on Australian politics, you cannot ignore checking the Queensland state elections odds.

Preview on Next Queensland Election

Online betting sites in Australia anticipate the next Queensland state election on 5th Nov, will be one of the most unpredictable Australian elections in years. The reason is that Queensland enjoyed wild two-party swings in last two elections. Yet this time we have a shift to three competing parties including Australian Labor Party, Liberal National Party, and the re-emerging One Nation Party.

Queensland State Election Odds

Pauline Hanson, One Nation Party (source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

So this election will be more than just a two-horse race between the Labor Party and the Liberal National Party. To add some complexity the polls indicate that both major parties are losing ground to One Nation since 2017. So basically the winner will have to not just win seats but will have to win the third party’s preference. According to online sportsbook news it will probably be the One Nation to win the third place.

Queensland State Elections Odds – Who to bet on?

“It was only the third time since 1932 that a sitting government in the state has failed to win a second term…”

If we look at the last two elections, Queensland produced very dramatic swings. In 2012, the voters dispatched the Bligh Labor government, after it held the office for five consecutive terms, slashing Labor’s representation to just seven seats. The Liberal National Party won 78 of the 89 seats in the legislative Assembly.

In 2015, the Liberal National Party was defeated by the Labor Party. The Labor Party gained 44 seats while the Liberal National Party gained only 42. It was only the third time since 1932 that a sitting government in the state has failed to win a second term.

Queensland State Election Odds

Logo of Liberal National Party

What about the 2017 election? Who to bet on? Other than the dramatic swings in last two elections, the history shows that Queenslanders are disinclined to change political horse. So probably the Labor Party will win more seats than the Liberal National Party, but not the majority needed.

If you wish to place your bet on Australian politics, we recommend you to visit the Unibet Sportsbook. You can check the best Queensland state elections odds there. Frankly the both Labor and Liberal National parties have same odds and they are 1.90, while for One Nation Party to win the election the odds are 31.00.

When placing your bet think of what concerns the Queenslanders. Remember that the two major industries in the state are tourism and the primary production of tropical fruits and vegetables. So perhaps the main issues that will direct the voters to choose the next government are protecting the environment, investment and worker’s rights.

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