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With heavy use of words like “tragic” the British tabloid press have happily retold the story of Mukhtar Mohidin. He was the first rollover jackpot winner in the UK. Thus they have immortalized him, and not perhaps for the most savory of reasons. Which is great. However, they dwell on what happened to Mukhtar after winning the lottery. He won one of the best lottery jackpots but then saw his life spiral away from him. Something the tabloids then use.

We all have our talismans. Something we consider lucky. A charm. A trinket. Something with sentimental value perhaps. Some of us have lucky numbers, letters, or colors. Naturally, we tend to lean on these emblems of hope when entering progressive jackpot lotteries or similar game. However from the Far East comes a new strange totem of good fortune. Apparently, if you want to hit the winning lottery numbers, you just need a good picture of a Japanese transvestite.

Someone treats the lottery as an opportunity to hit a big jackpot, someone plays without much faith in the possibility of a big win. All holders of a lottery ticket have, to one degree or another, hope for good luck, for a miracle, for happiness. However, fate rarely indulges the average person. Today we will try to figure out what needs to be done and how to behave to become the happy owner of a large sum of money. Let’s see how to turn bad luck around in the lottery.

As that hangover finally subsides, 2022 stretches out ahead full of promise and hope. Indeed, it’s hard not to feel optimistic about the coming 12 months at this time of year. Naturally we, as a species, tend to take more risks when in buoyant mood. Which is why more people than ever try to find out how to win the lottery in the early months of the year. Sites like Lotto Agent see an uptick in their traffic as everyone seeks the best lottery to play and exercise their optimism a tad.

We have all fantasized at some point about winning the lottery to change our lives for good. But did you ever think seriously about playing the kind of lottery that gives you the best chances? Here is our guide for the easiest UK lottery to win.

There is not a single lottery player who doesn’t want to know how to improve the chances of hitting the jackpot. To do so, it is a good way to check the best lottery winning strategies and try them out the next time you play lotto games.

Most of us are sensible enough to do our gambling online these days. You can access just about all the major progressive jackpot lotteries on Lotto Agent from the sofa. So why travel? Of course, many people still enjoy the instant result scratch cards. You can win big on them. Mark Goodram and Jon Watson from Bolton did. They won £4m…..and are now actually going to jail for it. Fair justice was swift, but to read the internet coverage you’d think Satan had come to tea.

Even the best lotto jackpot reviews would admit it doesn’t look good. Just when the government is thinking of reframing UK gambling laws, we discover MPs are taking gambling companies’ cash. Lots of it. However, as they are quick to point out, they have broken no rules. Of course many of those trying to hit upon the winning UK lottery numbers might believe then that those rules need to change too. However as the review is delayed, the sleaze is swept under the table.

Double win on the lottery: it might sound like an impossible thing. However, a man in North Carolina did it! And the best part of the whole story is the fact that he did it by accident. But what is the trick? How can you do that too? Let us see the details of this unbelievable story!