Napoli v Juventus Betting Odds: Will Napoli Maintain the Lead?

Napoli v Juventus Betting Odds

The past weeks were full of mixed emotions for Italian football fans. Everybody seeks to forget Italy’s World Cup failure. The best way to do so is to stay tuned on who will lead the Serie A. You may have a look on Napoli v Juventus betting odds as their match is coming up, and it will be decisive for the top Serie A.

According to online sportsbooks in Italy the Serie A champions Juventus are in the grip of Italy’s heartbreak over the recent emotional World Cup failure. They are facing a serious setback, unlike Napoli who are undistracted and keep pushing forward to grab the Serie A title.

It is probably the perfect time to bet against Juve if you are not their fan. We at GamingZion recommend you to visit BetVictor Sportsbook, where you can find the best Napoli v Juventus betting odds.

Napoli v Juventus Betting Odds are in favor of the Hosts

Napoli v Juventus Betting Odds

Insigne (source: The Independent)

Certainly it will not be an easy ride for both teams. Yet Napoli are playing at home, and they are now sitting on top of Serie A. Their unstoppable duo Lorenzo Insigne and Dries Mertens are giving a great performance in attack. They will make it even harder for Gianluigi Buffon to digest the World Cup play-off defeat, if they succeed to score.

According to online sportsbook news the top goalkeeper in the world Gianluigi Buffon will probably retire at the end of this season. It will be very harsh on him to not just lose the chance of playing in the World Cup for the last time, but also to witness his team being stripped of Serie A Championship title by Napoli, after winning it for six years in a row.

If you look forward for Napoli to stay on top then place your bet at BetVictor Sportsbook. The odds are in favorite of Napoli to win the match, and they stand at 11/10.

Is it really the end of Juve Era?

Napoli v Juventus Betting Odds

Dybala (source: Tribuna)

Although Juventus are now placed third in Serie A, they still enjoy the best conversion rate, scoring 37 goals out of 146 shots on target, their talented strikers Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain are competing for Serie A top scorer, and they are only 4 points behind Napoli.

Juve are still able to come back to the top. There is still a long way to go before the season ends, and if Juve grab the chance and beat Napoli, they will come very close to be back on top once again.

If you wish to put your faith in Juve then you can place your bet at BetVictor Sportsbook. The odds for Juve to win are 27/10, while the odds for Juve to grab a draw from the hosts are 12/5. You can also bet on both teams to score in the match, and the odds are 8/15.

Although our feelings are laced with sorrow, as we will miss Italy in the World Cup for another four years, the Italian Serie A is filling that gap with lots of excitement and joy, especially that this season is getting more and more fierce. So stay tuned and don’t miss betting on exciting games.

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