Bet on Europa League Round 5

Bet on Europa League Round 5

What the Europa League lacks in quality compared to its older brother – the Champions League – it definitely makes up for it with its vast selection for internet betting in the EU. Despite being the second-choice tournament for clubs to win silverware in Europe, it does offer a greater pool of participants – a total of 48. Here’s a quick peek of the most promising match-ups in Round 5.

Astana v Villarreal – H 9/4 (3.25) D 16/7 (3.29) A 7/5 (2.39)

Bet on Europa League Round 5

Group A still has time to see clubs exchange spots in the next two rounds. The Yellow Submarine currently occupy the first spot in the group with 8 points, but that could change with tonight’s game as they’ll lock horns with second placed Astana away, who are only one point behind them.

Normally, we’d have thrown our support behind the Spaniards, but considering that home support can play a major role in shaping the game and the way the Kazakh side have been playing, we’d be more careful with this bet. A victory for the home team seems to be on the cards for this one, with a potential for a draw with goals as well. So you might want to consider making a win/draw wager in favour of Astana with some of these sportsbooks on the internet.

Everton v Atalanta – H 12/5 (3.39) D 12/5 (3.39) A 9/7 (2.29)

Unfortunately, the upcoming match against Atalanta won’t be of any consequence for the Toffees; from four rounds so far they’ve only managed to collect a single point. The Italian side – who claim 8 points and are top of Group E – are viewed as the favourites for this game, and rightfully so. But the point is that since they’re playing on the road their odds have been slightly inflated, meaning this match could be a great addition if you’re trying to build up an accumulator bet consisting of other Europa League encounters.

Bet on Europa League Round 5

Stade de Lyon will stage the Europa League Final on May 16 next year. (Photo: UEFA)

Lokomotiv Moscow v Copenhagen – H 10/11 (1.95) D 5/2 (3.50) A 10/3 (4.33)

Both Copenhagen and Tiraspol have collected 6 points, which sees them occupy the top of Group F, while Lokomotiv Moscow find themselves in third with only a point less. So the battle is still on in this group with the knockout phase still a realistic possibility for each of the top three sides.

The downside for the Russians is their record at home – they’ve clinched one victory while the last game in round 4 saw them lose 1-2 against Tiraspol. Copenhagen on the other hand sit atop the group, but they’ve recorded 3 draws in 4 games; that’s why we’d play safe and place our bets on a draw for this encounter.

Bet on Europa League Round 5

Koln v Arsenal – H 7/4 (2.75) D 12/5 (3.39) A 17/10 (2.70)

After missing out on the Champions League, Arsenal had to put on their best performances in Europe’s second-tier football competition, if they hoped to appease fans just a bit. With 3 wins and 1 draw, they sit at the very top of Group H with 10 points. Considering that Koln are at the very bottom of the group, we’re pretty certain the Gunners will have the strength to pull off another win and essentially seal their qualification to the knockout stages of the Europa League after the winter break.

Ostersunds v Zorya – H 9/10 (1.90) D 16/7 (3.29) A 4/1 (5.00)

Bet on Europa League Round 5

Group J leaders Ostersunds will go head to head with second-placed Zorya tonight, in what could very well be a deciding match for further progression in the competition. The Swedes have clinched 7 points, whereas the Ukrainian side are in second position with one point less.

In the opening game of the group Zorya suffered a 2-0 defeat to Ostersunds at home, and judging by the way they’ve been playing it’s likely to be another victory for the Swedish side. But just to be on the safe side, we’d place a bet on a win/draw in favour of Ostersunds, with some of these online sportsbooks in Sweden.

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